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Immerse yourself in insider stories & interviews

– pick up valuable tips & advice on mastering the French

language and living the French dream wherever you live…

Expat experience  


How to live the French dream. Visit, move, live, study,

work in France: Stories about frustrations,

achievements & celebrations.

French focus  

Everything you need to know about French customs

and French people

French language  

The savvy francophile’s Tips & advice about learning

to speak French.


Tips & advice: Know what the locals know;

articles & e-products downloadable.

Learn tba


Indulge in wonderful French food & wine in person

or vicariously – where to find the foodie haunts

– share recipes – tips & advice…

Cuisine & Traditions  


Master French dining & drinking etiquette,

Cuisine & traditions; The art & history of wine making;

Exotic food & more.



Tours; Foodie haunts; Restaurant

& winery reviews, Stories

to share the experience of others.


Articles & e-products – Where to eat & drink, how to

read a wine label, taste wine.






All the recipes you will need: historic and

contemporary: perfect to cook or just to drool.

Wine & Champagne  

All you need to know about French wine

and winemaking & meeting the makers



Indulge, obsess, celebrate & enjoy stories, interviews, tips &

advice about the extraordinary world of French fashion, beauty,

interiors and much, much more…




How to achieve that French ageless beauty.




Stay ‘In-the-know’ – How to look like the French.








Dressing your home to look French too.








Keeping it together – Spas, massage, hair, nails, yoga.



Stay informed & try to understand what’s happening in France –

News, sport, politics, even the gossip behind it all – Explore problems

& paradoxes of today’s cultural & social issues…

Cultural differences  

Shake your head, laugh or just shrug! How can there be so

many differences?




Cheat sheets on French politics, voting, other useful info.


News & beyond…


Stay informed! The news, the context and behind the scenes.


Try to understand why French society is different: History,

happenings & issues.


Stay informed about the best of sport in France: cycling,

rugby, tennis and more.



Discover little known places in France – Learn from insider experiences, tips & advice

– Plan your trip, where to go, stay, what to see & even what to pack

– Be a traveller not a tourist…


City Guides


What to do where! Learn how to make the most of your stay in French cities.




Immerse yourself in the known and little known regions, cities and villages of France.




Stories and articles – immerse yourself & learn through the experiences of others.




Be savvy & sound like a local. What you should know about French cities, regions, history.


Travel tips


How to travel & pack like a Pro. Where to go, stay & what to see.



Enrich your life through stories, interviews, info & tips about the world of French art,

theatre, music, film, architecture, design, photography etc – stay informed

– what’s on where and when…

Architecture & Design  

Travelling in France makes it impossible to not become fascinated by the

architecture & design.


Art & Photography


Immerse yourself in the depth and beauty of French Art and Photography.

Film & Music  

You can’t sound French unless you can speak authoritatively about the

French world of Film & Music & its origins.




Tips & recommendations: Must-see, Must-know, Gig guides.





Literature & Theatre  



How much do you know about Literature & Theatre in France?



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