Bastille Day French Festival Melbourne: 10 reasons to go according to a French girl

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Self-described web addict and wedding blog aficionado Cecile Baltenweck is a French expatriate living in Melbourne. This July, read her tips for why the Bastille Day French Festival in Melbourne is an unmissable winter event! 

Hello you! You may already know that I am a French Girl. (Read my letter in French here)

I don’t know why, but it appears that people can recognise my ‘Frenchitude’ in the street “Oh you’re so French! I can hear. Hard to know what it exactly means but I love Australian people and I guess French people have a pretty good reputation here (except for ‘French’ shopping (theft), arrogance and our dirty reputation) so it must be a compliment! Alright, I am talking too much “Please Cecile stop chatting about your ‘Frenchitude’ and go straight to the point!”

Here is the point, today I would like to present to you a very exciting and huge event: Bastille Day French Festival 2016!

In Melbourne, we are lucky enough to have amazing people celebrating the French culture each and everyday, but we had no event, in such a huge dimension celebrating France and French National Day. This is the second edition of this event that brings together the Melburnians for two days of celebration; 16 & 17 July 2016 from 10am – 5pm at the State Library Victoria.

I would be able to chat and chat again about this Festival but as a list-addict, I would like to present you My 10 reasons to go to the Bastille Day French Festival 2016.

Reason 1: because everybody is welcome and it’s free!

MyFrenchLife™ - Bastille Day French Festival Melbourne - It's way too exciting! -

It’s way too exciting!

You are more than welcome even if you are not French! You know, we French can be very friendly sometimes and we are for sure very proud of our culture. Obviously, everybody is welcome to discover what France has to offer.

By the way, you will notice that there are a lot of people involved in the Festival who are not French! They are all, more than anything else, professionals in love with the French culture, gastronomy, language and all they want to do is share it with you!

PS : It’s Free Entrance. You see, they really want you to come!

Reason 2: because perhaps, you miss France?

MyFrenchLife™ - Bastille Day French Festival Melbourne -

I know… I miss France too!

Careful, this argument might give you a strong desire to come to the festival. The festival is committed to offer you a typical and authentic French atmosphere. You will feel like home!

You will be able to smell the cheese in the whole library, hear the French national Anthem and lovely volunteers will show you through all the different stalls.

It’s all about a French ‘Home sweet home feeling’.

Reason 3: because you want to eat delicious French food

MyFrenchLife™ - Bastille Day French Festival Melbourne -

When you see French food

The smell of cheese will certainly make you go straight to the raclette stall : Frencheese. I am more a kind of salty-food girl so I will eat raclette for the festival for sure! (If you don’t know what raclette is: imagine melted French cheese on potatoes and French prosciutto).

Don’t worry, if you are more a sugar-food girl/guy, you will not be disappointed, trust me! The good news is that you have two days to try them all.

Reason 4: because you are in a playful state of mind

MyFrenchLife™ - Bastille Day French Festival Melbourne -

Want to win cool things? Me too! I can’t wait to participate to the raffle to win a trip to France or New Caledonia. You can find details of all the prizes on the Festival website or by following their social media.

Nice to come to a Free festival and go back home with tickets to France !

Reason 5: because you want to learn smart things

Festival celebrate every nice things France has to offer other than just croissants and Eiffel Tower! This year, the festival organises different conferences about ‘Innovation’ and ‘French explorers in Australia’.

Personally, I think I will attend the Madam Flavor success story conference and also the one about Biodynamyc Wines (My parents are winemakers in France if you wonder. Yes, I know it’s cliché).

MyFrenchLife™ - Bastille Day French Festival Melbourne -

How you feel after the conference

Reason 6: because you want to watch a very good French movie (for free!)

Moreover, the movies selection is really nice. As a big musicals fan, I have to tell you to watch «  The young girl of Rochefort », a French musical from the 60’s with Catherine Deneuve inside !

Book your tickets soon on the website !

MyFrenchLife™ - Bastille Day French Festival Melbourne -

Reason 7: because you want to live an intense French immersion

Passionated professionals, here to share their passion and their products with you: This is how I would define the masterclasses ! Cheese, Wine, Champagne and Pastries: you have a lot of choice to nourish your belly and your spirit! I know most of the speakers and they are very qualified and passionated about their products.

Personally, I could listen to Sandra from Petite Cherie talking about Madeleines and Opera for hours…

MyFrenchLife™ - Bastille Day French Festival Melbourne -

When the immersion is too intense

Reason 8: because you can’t wait to discover new brands and concepts

At Bastille Day French Festival, you will enjoy a lot of cool French stuff (yes you will eat croissants and drink wine for sure). But you could also be surprised by new concepts and brands, passionate creators who can’t wait to show you all the things they are working on.

For example, I absolutely love In My French Hamper brand and their French box concepts. It looks awesome!

MyFrenchLife™ - Bastille Day French Festival Melbourne -

When you eat croissant and it’s so good


Reason 9: because sometimes it’s good to break the clichés!

MyFrenchLife™ - Bastille Day French Festival Melbourne - http://www.MyFrenchLife.orgCroissants, crepes, cheese, all of that is French for sure. But did you know that France excels to make underwear? Did you know that France is internationally glowing in the innovation industry?

I am sure you didn’t! You will see, ‘Frenchitude’ can be very surprising!

Raison 10: because the festival team is great

MyFrenchLife™ - Bastille Day French Festival Melbourne -

Dynamic, young and professional… I am not very objective but sincerely the festival is organised by the most lovely team ever! They are working very hard to offer you the best week end celebration.

They’ve hired friendly and welcoming volunteers who can’t wait to share their passion of France with you!

Read Cecile’s letter in French here

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