MyFrenchLife members connecting: Calendars and Map

MyFrenchLife members connecting: calendars & map

Welcome, Find out how to get access to our Paris Calendar and France Calendar and our Member Map
1. Members who have completed our MEMBER FORM – will receive a link to gain viewing access to our calendars and map!
2. From time to time we’ll post (in our closed Community group) and ask for the dates you’ll be visiting Paris and elsewhere in France. When you post your dates we will enter them on the relevant calendar!
Another benefit of being a Full Member of MyFrenchLife!


This calendar is private!
It is exclusively for the use of members of our closed MyFrenchLife Community page on Facebook – and members of This article is HIDDEN from public view!

You will be EMAILED a link to our Calendars and MAP once you have completed our MEMBER FORM:[Name, location, email address – that’s it – straightforward] This process, however, is manual, so please be patient – it’s NOT instantaneous.


The purpose of this MyFrenchLife Community Group calendar is to facilitate members connecting when in Paris or elsewhere in France and to make it easier for our team to select dates for member reunions.

Safety reminder:

Thank you for using the calendar responsibly for the safety of other members and yourself. Even though we’re operating in a CLOSED GROUP it is your responsibility to exercise caution when operating online.

  • Do NOT post your personal private information publicly.
  • Do NOT post your personal private information on our Community page

If you are making arrangements to meet other members please use a PRIVATE MESSAGES or email for details of your address or phone number.

Merci d’avance

When will you be in Paris?
Watch out for our posts…

From time to time we will present a POST in our Community Group and ask you to provide dates when you’ll be in Paris or elsewhere in France and we will tag this post as an ‘Announcement’ so you can find it on the Page at any time.

Please provide your Paris dates in the comments section of that post.

Below you will find A SAMPLE ONLY only of our PARIS NEW CALENDAR – you’ll need a link for an up to date version.


July 2018



August 2018


September 2018



October 2018


November 2018


More to come soon…












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