75009: Not to be missed – Guide to cool, trendy & exciting 9th arrondissement, Paris

The ninth arrondissement might be small in terms of size, but not when it comes to interesting places to explore. Tucked south of the 18th and 17th, le neuvième is rich in restaurants, bars, museums, history and beautiful streets to wander.

From the cool and trendy spots in South Pigalle (SoPi) to the exciting Grands Boulevards, this arrondissement has a lot of treasures for you to see.

Next time you go to Paris, do not miss this enchanting district and discover what it has to offer, you will be surprised!

Incontournables – unmissable


It is safe to say that Opéra is the most famous landmark in this area of Paris. Located on the place de l’Opéra, the spectacular building catches your eye as you see it from the south of the avenue de l’Opéra, offering an impressive perspective. Inaugurated on January 5, 1875, the palace was designed by architect Charles Garnier, hence its actual official name: Opéra Garnier (or Palais Garnier).

The only home of the opéra de Paris until 1989, the theatre now shares this title with the Opéra Bastille. You can enjoy a ballet or concert in the splendid venue, or decide to visit the palace and its gorgeous rooms and passages.

Let’s not forget the magnificent ceiling painted by Marc Chagall, a true wonder.

Les Galeries Lafayette and le Printemps,

Not too far from the Palais Garnier, you can find not one but two renowned department stores, namely Les Galeries Lafayette and Le Printemps, each a symbol of the Parisian Belle Epoque.

The former opened in 1912 and the latter in 1865. Both establishments offer upscale products and attract crowds of locals and tourists alike,  who go there to shop and /or stroll through the floors of these historical landmarks and enjoy the view ( and grab a bite) from their respective rooftops.

If you happen to be in Paris during the holidays, the Christmas decorations at Galeries Lafayette are delightful, for kids and adults alike.


Farther along, the way, as you continue your walk in the quartier and stumble upon the rue Drouot, you can encounter the illustrious auction house of the same name. Opened in 1852, the Hotel Drouot is still considered one of the most influential art market hubs worldwide.


If you ask any French artist or citizen what is the most prestigious concert hall in the country, chances are they will answer L’Olympia.

This mythical stage has welcomed a vast number of major artists of our times, including Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Barbara, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Vanessa Paradis, Georges Brassens, and many more.

Opened in 1893, it is the oldest concert hall still in activity in France. Located on boulevards des Capucines, you cannot miss it, with its legendary red marquise.

Bars et restaurants

Now, let’s take a look at the restaurants and bars one can indulge in while spending the day or the evening in the neighborhood. The choices are so varied and vast, everyone’s tastes can be satisfied.


Located on rue de Rochechouart, Papilles provides its clients with quality food in a relaxed atmosphere.

As you can read on their website, the project represents “the happy encounter between the coffee shop and the bistro”.

Eggs, bacon, pancakes, bánh mì, banana bread, and other treats will give you fuel every day from 9 to 5!

Pink Mamma

For a few years now, the Big Mamma Group and its multiple Italian restaurants have been delighting Parisians and visitors with delicious meals and gorgeous settings. In the 9th, you can find the Pink Mamma, a trattoria four floors high in the heart of South Pigalle.  Nudged at the corner of rue de Douai, the narrow pink building is unmissable.

The food is excellent and the decor is top-notch too. Pizza, pasta, meat, salads and great cocktails are on the menu. Tutto buono, indeed.


Opened by two Bretons, Canailles offers a classic bistro flair pared with modernity and innovation. Carpaccio, gambas, fish, terrine and rognons are amongst the diverse elements you can find on the menu.

In regards to the price-quality ratio, this restaurant belongs at the top of the list!

Not to forget the excellent desserts, such as the baba au rhum. 

Hotel Amour

The hotel with a name that says it all, a Parisian institution for lovers and romantics, a perfect alcôve for secret affairs and honeymoons, but also just a lovely place where to have a drink with friends.

Located beside the popular rue des Martyrs (this street needs its own article, thus it will not be referred to in this one !), l’Hotel Amour lets you sip a glass of wine in its splendid courtyard, more precisely an exotic garden, where you will want to spend time, whether you are in love or not.

Feel like dancing the night away?

  • Le Carmen, a true institution cherished by the City of Light’s night crowd as well as
  • Le Rouge, a neighboring venue, are good options when it comes to boites de nuit.

Bars, pubs or cocktails?

As for bars and pubs the neuvième brims with terraces and places where to celebrate and enjoy some time with friends and family.

  • Le Sans Souci is a classic address, Parisian to the core with a fun atmosphere.

For cocktails, head to

  • Le Pile ou Face, an incontournable du quartier.


Culture vibrates all around in this arrondissement, with a vast amount of theatres everywhere: Théâtre de Paris, Théâtre La Bruyère, Théâtre Edouard VII, Théâtre des Nouveautés, Théâtre Mogador, Théâtre de l’œuvre, to name a few, and of course the celebrated cabaret music-hall Les Folies Bergères!


When it comes to museums, le Musée de la Vie Romantique will take you back to the 19th century with its furniture, objects, and paintings. Located in the Hotel Scheffer-Renan, the museum holds exhibitions and has a permanent collection. The garden allows for a quiet respite under the trees.

Another interesting cultural offer is the Musée Gustave-Moreau, where art lovers and curious wanderers can see the French artist’s symbolist paintings, sculptures and other engravings.

Finally, the global attraction that is the Musée Grévin and its waxed-figures replica of famous people will impress and entertain you!

The neuvième is a place where you can walk and enjoy the vie de quartier, from La Nouvelle-Athène and Saint-Georges neighborhoods to the Grands Boulevards and South Pigalle, the livelihood and quiet charm you will find at every corner will delight you undoubtedly.

Cool, trendy, exciting and even classical, the 9th arrondissement is never to be taken for granted. Have you experienced it? Which are your favourite places?

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