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French culture: start with these quirky must-knows

Understanding French Culture

France has a distinctive culture, reflecting its long and proud history as a great nation. Every culture has its quirks; what are some of France’s?

The best advice would be to master these before you venture far – Let’s take a look… and a postscript, these articles were all written pre-COVID-19

Understanding: how to Kiss a Frenchman

French people often greet each other with kisses on the cheek and this custom invariably flummoxes foreigners. How many kisses? Which cheek do you start with? How well must you know someone before you graduate from handshakes to kisses? Read more

The Art of Being French: Understanding the French Waiting Room Protocol

The French Waiting Room Protocol

France is a country with a lot of social rules. You say bonjour when you enter a store. You have a salad at the end of a meal rather than the beginning. You kiss your friends rather than hugging them. And then there’s French waiting room protocol; it’s very serious business in France. Read more

Understanding how to drive in French

The French road system is excellent. The country is covered by a comprehensive network of autoroutes, along with plenty of secondary roads. These roads are in uniformly good condition and are well-marked so you can find your way.

If there is any downside to the French road system, it would have to be… French drivers. Read more

Comparing France and America: how to do it

How do the French and the Americans think about money? How do you politely disagree with someone? And just how long should a dinner party last? I examine these and other questions—you might find the results interesting. Read more

What are your stories about cultural differences, and what are some more differences we could add to this article? Share your stories in the comments box below.

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