Binge on France: a diverse & magic mosaic—places, people, experiences

Why Binge on France? To us, France is a diverse and magic mosaic… Those of us who love France but can’t be there right now for whatever reason will appreciate this article. We’re creating a travelogue of sorts, a compilation of experiences: in France and online. We’re exploring, discovering, and experiencing France..and we’re taking you with us!

We update this article frequently, almost daily, hence the ‘LIVE’ description.
You’ll find casual chatty videos – often these are ‘LIVE’ as well as viewable at any time, photos galore, and wonderful articles to draw you right into the particular area of France. You’ll feel as you’re the one holding the camera! yes, really.

We will be adding much more to the #BingeonFrance in the weeks to come but as a start you’ll find these initial resources:
1. BINGE on PARIS: Weekday Wandering in Paris
2. BINGE on BRITTANY: The Nature Cocktail
3. BINGE on LYON (soon to be published)
4. BINGE on BORDEAUX (soon to be published)
5. BINGE on NANTES (soon to be published)
6. BINGE on PROVENCE (soon to be Published)
7. BINGE on GOTHIC CATHEDRALS (soon to be published)
8. BINGE on LEARNING FRENCH (soon to be published)
9. BINGE on FRANCOPHILES (soon to be published)
10. BINGE on FROMAGE (soon to be published)
11. BINGE on FRENCH LITERATURE (soon to be published)
12. BINGE on FRENCH CHAMPAGNE (soon to be published)

Watch out for more to come!

Tell us what you think of this ‘Binge on France’ series… Which areas or cities would you like us to add to this Binge on France: a diverse magic mosaic? Please share in the comments below.

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