Binge on Brittany: the nature cocktail

Let’s Binge on Brittany because not everyone is lucky enough to be in France right now. Many are at home yearning to be in France…

We’ve designed our BingeonFrance series, including BingeonParis and this one BingeonBrittany, to help you immerse yourself in France and what’s happening right now!

Each of our #BingeonFrance articles includes chatty guided videos and photos galore along with articles and wonderful information. Full of wonderful holiday ideas and so much information that these articles cause you to feel that you’re the one holding the camera! yes, really!

There are many superb regions in France and they are so diverse!

We’ve chosen to focus on Brittany first. Why?

Well, it is so magical, so overflowing with natural beauty: Coastal gems, astounding healing forests, and rich stories about warm Breton people. We decided to set about exploring, discovering, and experiencing as much about Brittany as we could and to share it with you. Our overall theme is health and wellness. Many members have spoken of the need to decompress in particular at this time and we feel that being surrounded by nature helps us all do just that: de-stress! To us, Brittany is our ‘Nature Cocktail’.

Brittany — your nature cocktail -

These BingeonFrance articles are a type of chronicle… They are living breathing articles that we build on each week as we continually add more rich current content and republish!

Binge on Brittany

Here we’re chronicling Brittany as we experience it. The real Brittany! The MyFrenchLife ‘Brittany Experiences’ are a hand-picked selection of extra special things to be experienced in Brittany. Holidays can certainly be unforgettable in Brittany!

How to navigate?
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6. Experience Brittany: Forest Bathing
enthralling article and superb photos by Amy Gruber

Binge on Brittany

5. Experience Brittany: A gem at the water’s edge
transporting article and images by Amy Gruber

4. Here a collage of images of Brittany: St Briac, Lehon, and more to come…

Binge on Brittany -
Lehon, Brittany

3. Come with us for a tiny peep into Dinan – we’ll have lots more for you later, don’t fret!

It is early morning and Amy Gruber whispers to us so as not to disturb others… she’s off to the Dinan market on Thursday morning.
—WATCH AMY’s VIDEOS HERE: There are 2 very short snippet videos – So, just a peep #1 and #2
Let’s join her for possibly your first peep at Dinan #1 and then here is the second short video Dinan #2
– amusez-vous.

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Dinan #1:(1:37mins only)

Dinan #2:(0:57mins only)

2. Introducing Dinan

Let’s now go to a little village in northern Brittany named Dinan. Introducing Dinan… arguably Brittany’s prettiest town, Brittany Tourism describes it as: “Dinan is, without doubt, one of the most attractive and best preserved small towns in Brittany. With its 1.8 mile (3km)-long ramparts, half-timbered houses, attractive port, and cobbled streets filled with art galleries and craft shops, it’s worth a day of anyone’s time

BingeonBrittany - Experience Brittany - Dinan

And here is a Brittany Tourism video that shows the beauty, nature and diversity of this region – Watch here.

1. Let’s start this article with the first in our new EXPERIENCE BRITTANY series.

Let’s dive right in with this article… Experience Brittany: a hidden gem at the water’s edge – 1 July 2021

Watch this space for more articles… more videos… more photos… All coming soon.

Please share your experiences and favourite places in Brittany with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Deb Papp Jul 27, 2021 at 7:01 PM - Reply

    These are the exact villages I visited last week while touring Brittany. St Malo was my favorite. We based ourself out of Rennes and drove to all of these Villiage like Dinan. We were there on Bastille Day

    • Judy MacMahon Jul 28, 2021 at 11:29 AM - Reply

      Oh, wonderful memories for you then Deb…
      I’m sure that Amy will be sharing much more about this area of Brittany! It has won her heart too!
      Your comments are always welcome.

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