Evenings in the Vineyards: Aix and surrounds

Evenings in the Vineyards: Aix

Now that Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner, the countryside around Aix-en-Provence has come to life.  If you’re here for a few days, consider looking into some evening activities that will get you out of the city and give you a different taste of what life is like just a stone’s throw from the heart of Aix-en-Provence. 

The beauty of the farmlands here is simply stunning and whether it be an evening admiring the beauty of the rolling vineyards or relaxing amongst the lavender fields, you will surely pinch yourself as you could be nowhere other than Provence.  Close your eyes as the soothing scent of lavender intoxicates you with each passing breeze,    The summer air in Provence is lovely and there is nowhere better to experience it.

Many of the vineyards have evenings filled with music, dancing, and sometimes just a simple ‘apero”’   There’s even an outdoor cinema!  Be sure to consider these options as it’s within easy reach, being only 15 minutes outside of Aix-en-Provence.  Here are my top three.

1. Top evenings in the vineyards – Terre Ugo

Evenings in the Vineyards: Aix

Every Thursday night, throughout the summer Terre Ugo hosts an ‘apero’ on their beautiful grounds amongst the lavender fields.  As the live band plays and entertains in the background, you can relax on a picnic-style blanket while you sip on chilled local wine and feast on a variety of French cheeses, charcuterie, or even a platter of seafood.  

Evenings in the Vineyards: Aix

This is an evening that is enjoyed by locals so it’s a great chance to not only enjoy a taste of Provence life but it is the occasion to have a look into how the French do it.  People of all ages gather in this very relaxed setting to enjoy family and friends.  The kids can be seen running through the lavender fields playing “cache cache” (hide and seek) while their parents enjoy a moment of calm.   

Spending an evening at Terre Ugo has been one of the highlights of the season, so far and I am looking forward to going back.  I can smell the lavender just thinking about it. 

Be sure to make a reservation as there is no entrance otherwise.  

2. Top evenings in the vineyards – Chateau L’Evesque

In the mood to shake your booty?  This is the place! 

Every Thursday evening during the summer season, Chateau L’Evesque turns its vineyard into a nightclub.  This is a very popular evening for the locals and it’s a great chance to watch the French enjoying a bit of nightlife.  It’s also a great feast for the eyes if you like fashion.  The French know how to dance and you will enjoy watching them all as they swing each other around the dance floor in what they call “rock ‘n roll”.  

It’s a mature crowd and it’s very fun to dance amongst the locals who will be singing to all of the classic French dance hits.  It wouldn’t be an evening on the dance floor in France without a little Claude Francois, so brush up on your lines so that you can sing and dance along.  Don’t worry though, it’s also very modern so you’ll hear the latest and greatest so you’ll be able to get your swing on.

Like everywhere in Provence, you will have the opportunity to eat local platters of food and drink the wonderful wine from their own vineyard.  

Reservations necessary:
– (06 67 27 48 77 or 06 67 40 31 20)

3. Top evenings in the vineyards – Chateau La Coste

What says summer anywhere in the world more than an evening of cinema under the stars and amongst the vineyards?  Well, here in Provence you can do just that.   

Chateau La Coste hosts Cinema in the Vineyards!  It is a Friday night summer series where you can bring your own picnic, blanket, and some pillows and set yourself up for a cozy evening in the vineyards while watching one of your favorite films.  What could be better than that?  

There, of course, is a wine bar on-site and if you’re not able to bring your own picnic, there are four restaurants at Chateau La Coste where you can enjoy a nice meal before heading over to the cinema.  

This is popular amongst the locals so don’t forget to reserve your spot!

IMPORTANT reminder: bring a sweater as the evening temperatures do drop down.  

Have you ever attended an apéro in Provence? Let us know in the comments

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