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4 02, 2013

Unlocking French language: quand the French use quand même

By |2013-06-13T17:33:49+10:00Feb 4, 2013|8 Comments

It’s a phrase that stops a nation, or more so, a young girl at the ripe age of 16 on her first trip to France. This common French expression would continue to stump me for years to come. So let’s identify and explore quand même on the dissecting table...in context.

5 12, 2012

Unlocking French language: sounds that only French people make

By |2013-05-03T00:33:41+10:00Dec 5, 2012|5 Comments

I once worked as a bartender in Lyon, France, which introduced me to the most fabulous French sounds that I had ever heard. I had never used these sounds to convey the same message in English before. In fact, if I ever performed such a movement, I would most probably do so silently.

19 11, 2012

Unlocking French language: think like the French, master idiomatic expressions

By |2013-11-20T10:40:23+11:00Nov 19, 2012|3 Comments

Every time I hear a new idiom, I understand their culture just that little bit more as the expressions create stories and imagery which are identifiable to a way of life. So, the question is, how to think like a French person?

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