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French art: exploring the Rodin museum

The Rodin museum provides a unique visit due to its beautifully manicured gardens covering almost three hectares. With the Eiffel Tower and golden top of Invalides peaking up over the fences of the gardens, exploring the grounds and artwork of the brilliant Rodin makes for an unforgettable visit.

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Finding the heart of Paris: an expat view

I am talking about the Paris with the well-manicured parks where you can enjoy an afternoon picnic. A place where a meal can last five hours because it isn’t just a meal; it is the celebration of good food and close friends.

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My French kitchen: cooking class and market tour

My mother is a fabulous cook and has secretly always wanted to leave the States behind and enroll in one of the many prestigious culinary schools in France. Now, with her trip to Paris, it was her opportunity to get a small taste of this.

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The French art of picnicking

Picnicking in Paris is another form of art and Parisians have it mastered. There has not been one group I have passed by without being jealous of their spread. Cheese, bread, meat, wine, desserts… the list goes on. However, this isn’t too hard of an art to learn.

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Getting lost in Le Marais

The small, medieval streets are home to not only chic shops, but also delicious food, unique bars, and fantastic museums. Le Marais mixes all the best of Paris—old and new, young and old, traditional and modern.

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Coco avant Paris, Coco après Paris

Some of my earliest memories of France go back to when I was six. Cross-legged, I sat with a pen in my hand marking carefully plotted cities on my map of France with a big star.