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Reading in Paris

Over the years as I’ve traveled to Paris, I have noticed that Parisians seem to take every opportunity to read a book: on the Metro, in a cafe, the parks and even perched on a Buren column!

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Passy Cemetery

I am a recent convert to cemetery visits… I caught the ‘bug’ from my taphophile amie, Mary Gilbert (a.k.a.: MadAboutParis), who describes cemeteries as open air museums.

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Waiting in Paris

Since my first visit to Paris in 2007, I’ve delighted in photographing these men in white aprons and also trying to see how many smiles I can accrue each visit. A number of waiter pose for photographs and more than one has asked if I’m in Paris alone and where I’m staying. Vive la France!

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Paris Rouge

Shortly after I began ‘Paris Through My Lens’, a photoblog of the city that j’adore, my readers began to notice that my camera seemed to be drawn to all things red in Paris. That began a little series I named Paris Rouge. Since then, I have posted more than 50 images. This summer I compiled many of my favorite images in a book that I published through Blurb, titled Paris Rouge Through My Lens. I am pleased to be able to share some with you here on My French Life.