Every woman's top drawer deserves a little feminine mystique. French lingerie expert Kate Kemp-Griffin's column reveals the no-frills reality behind all that lace. Gain confidence, learn the tricks and discover the secrets of fancy French underthings!

My French Lingerie: a legacy through the ages

Silky French lingerie always makes us happy and it turns out it's been doing so for quite a while...

My French Lingerie: 'Behind the Seams' exhibition, Paris - passion, corsets & codpieces

Vanity is but the surface... Come with us behind the dressing-room door to discover the secret world of corsets.
 Paris, France

My French Lingerie: 7 bra styles for a décolleté de rêve - the neckline of your dreams

Whether you are in Paris or visiting your local boutique, this vocabulary will intensify the pleasure of discovering the styles that shape and flatter you. Welcome to our new column - My French lingerie!
 Paris, France