What’s going on under the covers in France? We talk all things dating, romance and intrigue in the City of Love.

Paris Undressed: 'L'Amour (or less)' - your dating stories on film

What happens when two people from different cultures try making a romantic connection? 'L’Amour (or less)' is here to give us the comedic re-enactments of some of the rencontres taking place in the city of Paris itself.

Paris Undressed: Valentine's Day in the French capital

Valentine’s Day in Paris is the perfect place to get your romance on. But with so much love in the air things can start getting a little, well, impersonal. We’ve come up with a few cheeky ideas to keep your Valentine’s Day in Paris intimate and intriguing (and a little bit fun).
 Paris, France

Paris Undressed: Old world, new love - dating culture in Paris

Along with brunching and great coffee, dating in Paris is on the rise. When global trend meets traditional culture where is the balance between the two?

Paris Undressed: Dating, romance and intrigue in the city of love

In today’s world when we are so busy and consumed by schedule, are we even open to giving love a chance?