23 05, 2012

Series: Ten steps in 100 days – diversity & parité in new French government

By |2014-10-16T17:16:36+11:00May 23, 2012|3 Comments

The new French government shows diversity and parité, with an equal number of men and women. A refreshing younger generation is stepping in, taking up the challenge of recovery and growth against all odds.

18 05, 2012

Series: Ten milestones in 100 days for new French President

By |2014-10-16T17:19:04+11:00May 18, 2012|0 Comments

The new President of France was nominated on 15 May during a very official ceremony of 'passation de pouvoir'. But even before that, François Hollande had started to work on various fronts, from taxation in France to international matters.

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