30 04, 2024

French Book Club Events wrap-up – The Postcard: lively discussion & unusually personal stories shared

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Two book club discussions on Saturday 27 April 'The Postcard 'by Anne Berest, translated by Tina Kover, rated the book as 4/5

7 10, 2020

Literary translators: do they get the recognition they deserve?

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Literary translators work behind the scenes, painstakingly sifting through the right words to be able to capture the voice of an author and make it just as meaningful in another language. But do they get the recognition they deserve?

27 07, 2011

Just a boy on his own, running away from his home?

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Of course being American I owe the French a debt of gratitude for helping us win our independence all those years ago, but gratitude aside, I’ve been intrigued with all things French for longer than I can remember! But consciously, it probably started with the French kiss.

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