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MyFrenchLife™ - - MyFrenchLife Internship - Internship in France - Internship - Simone AllenAs an Australian living in France, I had a challenge; I was unable to work due to visa restrictions, so how was I going to build purpose into my life? I was looking to keep busy, gain experience, to improve my skills and become more employable, all at the same time. 

So, my search for purpose and experience began. Study? Internship? What?

I started searching for study options in the field of Communications, but I thought to myself “Why would I spend all that money studying and still have no real work experience?” Because work experience is what most employers are really interested in isn’t it?

I really wanted to do something ‘French’ related as I had previously lived in France as an exchange student and I have a real passion for all things French and of course I was now living in France. So when I came across the internships offered by MyFrenchLife™ I was immediately interested.

An internship with MyFrenchLife™ looked as if it could give me the experience I needed to support my Communications Studies and it seemed as if it would also have me reading, learning and writing about French life and culture.

It did! And it was ideal!

MyFrenchLife™ - - MyFrenchLife Internship - Internship in France - Internship - Simone Allen

What did I do as an intern?

I chose to do an editorial and communications internship.

I like writing, but I was more intrigued by the back-end world of publishing. I had no idea what to expect or what it would really involve but I was motivated to learn, and that I did!

During my time as an intern, I learned so much more than I had ever expected! I was writing, formatting, sub-editing, publishing, making social media posts and so much more…

Every task was different and there was a challenge around every corner.

Through the MyFrenchLife™ internship structure of supervised interactive, peer learning, I reviewed the work of other interns, guiding them and helping them along their learning journeys as I travelled along mine. This gave me a taste of being in a coordinating and also later in a managerial role where I had to learn how to lead by example, allocate tasks, and help others to improve their work.

Both challenging and rewarding

My internship was by no means easy.

I was introduced to computer programs I’d never seen or heard of before, and at times I had a heavy workload. I had to get used to receiving constructive criticism and it really helped me to improve my work over the duration of my 12-month internship.

I’m thankful that my internship wasn’t easy, because I gained IT, writing, editing and life skills that I wouldn’t have otherwise. And I have a new-found confidence in my ability to write and that’s proving useful already.

But one of the best things about my internship was the flexibility.

I worked from my home in France, working according to my own time preference while interacting with people from all over the world which was pretty amazing. Also, there was no problem getting time off to travel, which for me was important as I love travelling and want to take advantage of it living in Europe. I also met (in real life and virtually) some wonderful people!

MyFrenchLife™ - - MyFrenchLife Internship - Internship - Internship in France - Simone Allen

Where has my internship taken me?

Although my internship was tough at times, I have no regrets and feel proud to have completed it!

My internship has been an experience like no other and my life has changed!

Many new doors have already opened up: –

  • I now have a number of articles published online which is very satisfying
  • I have recently started working online as a content writer
  • My next goal is to look for work as a freelance writer/editor
  • I’d also like to get involved in translation work
  • I have nearly completed my post graduate studies in Communications online through Griffith University in Australia
  • I aim to pass my DELF B2 French exam this year

From the south of France, I worked with people from all over the globe, each bringing different skills and talents to the team and I look forward to staying in touch with them all!

MyFrenchLife™ - - MyFrenchLife Internship - Internship in France - Internship - Simone Allen - Béziers France

I would highly recommend an internship with MyFrenchLife™ to anyone looking for a challenge, to improve their writing and editorial skills and/or looking for work experience.

I feel that everything I learned from my internship can be applied in the real world and will look impressive on any future job application. 

This internship has really shown me my potential.

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1.-3. © Simone Allen
4. Béziers from the air via Wikipedia

About the Contributor

Simone Allen

After spending 10 months in France at the age of 15 as an exchange student from Australia, I fell in love with all things French; the language, the food, and the lifestyle. I now live in the South of France and I am an Editorial and Communications Intern at My French Life™.

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  1. Jessica Rushton May 31, 2017 at 3:50 AM - Reply

    What an amazing experience. You were really lucky!
    Especially being so involved in My French Life! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this!

    • Judy MacMahon Jun 2, 2017 at 11:44 AM - Reply

      Hi there Jessica
      Yes, it’s a lovely story isn’t it – it’s really inspiring when someone makes such a commitment and applies themselves so wholeheartedly. Then the results have made such a difference to Simone 🙂

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