Discover the many faces of France: chefs, authors, artists, architects, singers, restaurateurs... people just like you, with a passion that ties them to France. Listen as they share their scintillating stories, treasured memories and favourite French places.

Les femmes inspirantes: Woodstock Farm Sanctuary – actrice de la protection animale

En Anglais et en francais: les femmes de Woodstock Farm Sanctuary vous inspireront avec leur passion pour les animaux.

Inspiring women: Tina Kieffer - founder of Toutes à l'école

Tina Kieffer is a true inspiration; top editor, journalist, mother of five and now champion of girls' education in Cambodia.

Inspiring Women: trekking the Compostelle pilgrimage – Alix Baboin-Jaubert

A 1800 kilometre pilgrimage is tough at the best of times – but alone, in winter and with only two months to do it?

Interview: Susie Morgenstern discusses her new book ‘Jacques a dit’

I was delighted to interview Susie Morgenstern about her book ‘Jacques a dit’, a memoir of her marriage

Paris Mosaic: meet florist Aline Profit of Les Fleurs d’Aline

True artisan florists are rare these days, but for Aline flowers were a childhood passion.
 Paris, France

Les femmes inspirantes: Zahia Ziouani – chef d'orchestre

Rencontrez Zahia Ziouani, chef d’orchestre qui lutte pour l'égalité des femmes.
 Paris, France

Inspiring women: Zahia Ziouani – conductor

Meet Zahia Ziouani an inspiring Franco-Algerian female conductor in Paris breaking social boundaries.
 Paris, France

Les femmes inspirantes: Claire Basler – l'insoumise

Rencontrez Claire Basler: une peintre inspirée par la nature.

Inspiring Women: Claire Basler – a rebellious artist

Meet Claire Basler: a rebellious painter inspired by nature dating back to her childhood.

Inspiring Women: meet Marie-Hélène Cossé of Mid&Plus

To kick-off our Inspiring Women series, allow me to introduce you to fellow fondatrice Marie-Hélène Cossé of Mid&Plus.