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Sous les toits de Paris

As a little girl I found myself intrigued by Paris
, mainly because of what I read about this fascinating city in some of my favorite books, but also because of the beautiful language that had an enchanting effect on me. Ever since then, I had been secretly dreaming of living in Paris one day. So when I saw a chance, almost two years ago now, I didn’t need to think twice. I packed my bags and said farewell to Holland for the time being.

I arrived at the Gare du Nord without a job and without a place to live, only being accompanied by my backpack but ready to dive into this adventure. And no regrets so far! Although Paris may not be the easiest city to build a new life, I quickly found my way here and still find myself drawn to its charm.

For me, the city breathes history and nostalgia and I adore the idea that there are always hidden treasures left to be found. Armed with my camera, I love strolling around the different arrondisements and capturing the city with interesting details that catch my eye.

I’m happy to share some of them here with you!

Image credits: All images ©Annewil Stroo.

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  1. Judy MacMahon
    11 years ago

    Congratulations Anne, these are beautiful images. I find the part rear view of the woman disappearing away from the camera…mysterious.

  2. Opal Taylor
    11 years ago

    Wonderful photos over at your blog!!

  3. Judy MacMahon
    11 years ago

    Yes, Opal you are right. Anne’s photos on her blog are really lovely! well done!

  4. Milla Msa
    11 years ago

    The images are all so different, yet perfect make sense together. Really nice work Anne!