The best of French in New York: Bakehouse Bistro and Café


Finding real French bread in Manhattan can feel like an impossible task. But look no further than Bakehouse Bistro and Café in the West Village for your perfect baguette or croissant fix à la française.

Bakehouse, brought to New Yorkers by the chef and creators of Bonsignour and 11th Street Café, is the little bakery that all French expats and francophiles have been craving – a place to eat a lovely French meal or a simple stop off for your daily fresh bread.

The Beauty of the French Bakery


The major selling point of this little bistro is the onsite bakery. All the bread – from baguettes, to the pain au chocolat, to the pain aux raisins – are baked on the premises fresh every day. While this is a normalcy in France, it is simply much harder to come by in Manhattan, and even harder to find if you’re looking for true French baked goods – you know, the ones that not only look like they’re from France but actually taste like it to.

But at Bakehouse there are no sneaky imitations. The bread will not only transport you back to France but it might actually convince you for a few minutes that you never really left.

The French-inspired Bistro and Café


While the bakery alone is a major selling point for francophiles and French expats in New York, Bakehouse also offers top quality meals full of French classic dishes from croque monsieur to steak frites.

I showed up ready to eat at midday on a Sunday for brunch and was most certainly not disappointed. With my French expat friend in tow, we tried the classic tartine with butter and raspberry jam and I was immediately in heaven. One bite of the tartine and we were both swooning over how much it tasted like France.

The perfect crunch of the bread, the real butter, and the jam that tasted like it was spooned from a jar in Provence, were enough to be sure we’d be back for more.


After a slow, appreciative consumption of the tartine I indulged in an herb and goat cheese omelet that melted in my mouth, and a lovely crisp glass of pinot blanc to tie it all together. All in all, a lovely meal and the quintessential French experience in New York City.

Whether you’re looking for classic French fare or your morning French pastry bite to go, Bakehouse is top of the list. If you’re lucky enough to live nearby go now and go often. If you’re a train ride away and it takes a bit more time and effort, I promise it will an effort worth making.

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