Going to or living in NYC? – Discover & check out the best French haunts, hangouts and secrets in the Big Apple – bars, restaurants, shops and more. Meet fascinating French expats & local francophiles.

Metric vs. imperial systems – a short guide for expats

Learning the French way of life brings more than just language difficulties. The measurement systems are also entirely different, which can lead to many a tricky situation.

Paris versus New York: the ultimate city comparison

Parisian and New York culture are oceans apart-literally! Find out what we find so different about la vie quotidienne…
 New York

Insider foodie tip: a French food market is coming to New York!

Le District will be the place to buy high-end French delicacies and dine at the outdoor waterfront plaza.
 New York, USA

Going to school in the US and in France, a different experience

Two countries like France and the US that appear to have a similar education model will offer two very different journeys.

Cultural differences: how, where and what we eat in France and in the US

Food in France is considered as an art de vivre, where it is anchored in the country’s culture and traditions. On the other side of the Atlantic, food doesn’t have as much importance in Americans’ heart. Read on to discover how our cultural differences reveal our contrasting understandings of food and cuisine.

Meeting the French in New York

New York City does not currently have a specific French neighborhood, compared to other expat communities like the Italians or Chinese. But it looks like this is changing.
 New York, USA

French & Americans: from different planets?

What could be more representative of a culture than its people? The French and Americans can appear to have a very similar way of life, but sometimes, it seems like they came from a different planet.

How to celebrate a French Christmas & NYE in New York

I strongly recommend you avoid the Times Square area, where you will be stuck in the crowd and cold for hours. Instead, celebrate with the French community.
 New York, USA

Our guide to French culture & sport in NYC

Wondering how to experience the French culture when you live in America? Here is your guide to all things French in New York.
 New York, USA

How to dress like a French woman in 5 steps

What French women think about fashion – and what goes on underneath...