The best of French in New York

Going to or living in NYC? – Discover & check out the best French haunts, hangouts and secrets in the Big Apple – bars, restaurants, shops and more. Meet fascinating French expats & local francophiles.

17 09, 2013

The best of French in New York: stay true to your French self

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I never felt so French than since I have been living in New York, and also so determined to keep that part of me. What you take for granted when you live in France suddenly becomes “so French” on the other side of the Atlantic, meaning not easily accessible, fancy, or expensive.

11 07, 2013

The best of French in New York: Celebrate Bastille Day in the Big Apple

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Bastille Day celebrations are serious business here in NYC, and we’ve got the parties and the events to prove it. Here are a few options if you find yourself in NYC for the fabulous French holiday.

4 06, 2013

The best of French in New York interview: chef Vincent Tournayre, Carte Blanche New York

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A few weeks back I had the pleasure of attending a pop-up dinner for Chef Vincent Tournayre’s Carte Blanche. His new catering company aims to bring the elegance of French food you would normally only find in restaurants to your very own party or NYC event.

19 03, 2013

The best of French in New York: Your ultimate guide to Macaron Day – Part Two

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With such a huge rise in popularity, both in France and in the States, some may wonder if the macaron is in danger of becoming a cliché, a product so intensely and frequently marketed as 'French' that it becomes boring and predictable, and more importantly, no longer desirable.

19 03, 2013

Best of French in New York: Your ultimate guide to Macaron Day – Part One

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When one thinks of classic French culinary emblems, many things come to mind - the crispy baguette, the buttery croissant, the indulgent pain au chocolat. But in recent years, a certain French pastry has risen in popularity on both sides of the Atlantic– the chewy and delightful macaron.

25 01, 2013

Best of French in New York: Winter Restaurant Week – a French foodie paradise

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Being a New Yorker on a budget is hard. Especially when you’re a die-hard fan of all things French and all things food. The city has so many French restaurants it’s difficult to keep track, and some of the best ones are, of course, also the most expensive.

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