Helmut Newcake, the gluten-free holy grail in Paris


“Ooohs” and “ahhs” can be heard rising from the 10th arrondissement, and you can be sure that they are coming from 36, rue Bichat. This address is home to the ground-breaking, gluten free patisserie – Helmut Newcake – the very first of its kind in Paris.

Found in the maze of streets off the hip Canal Saint Martin, Helmut Newcake is hunted down by expats, and ravenous gluten-free travellers, who all make the pilgrimage to the holy grail of gluten-free establishments.

There are few blogs or magazines yet to herald the great news, and Helmut Newcake has had little problem in spreading the joyous tidings. Word, or rather the sound of “ooohs” and “ahhhs”, have spread quickly.

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The glass cabinet of perfectly glazed goods, and daintily decorated treats welcomes visitors, who practically fall to their knees at the sight of the mouth-watering pastries. Finally a part of Paris that they too can enjoy!

A sign on the counter assures visitors, in English and French, that everything in the haven is gluten free, and the air is a melange of sweetness and sighs of relief.

Helmut Newcake is the proud, first born of life and business partners, Marie and Francois Tagliaferro. Together, they have conceived the first, completely gluten free patisserie in France.

Marie is the mastermind behind the operation – having trained as a pastry chef before receiving the devastating diagnosis of being gluten intolerant.


Thinking her pastry dreams were dashed, she took a baking hiatus before coming back with vengeance, spending years perfecting her gluten-free recipes that she now offers to the public. She has honed traditional recipes so that they not only look like their wheat-filled counterparts, but also retain their legendary sweet taste and scent.

Offering everything from gluten-free groceries, shipped in from all over the world, to the outrageously popular Sunday brunch that has longer waiting lists than some of the most Michelin worthy restaurants in Paris, there is little that Helmut Newcake cannot do.

The heavenly treats are served up on mismatched, antique crockery, and the teacups are never served without their saucers. Helmut Newcake is one of the few patisseries in Paris that you can actually sit down and enjoy your flaky fancies in, and the store offers plenty of cosy nooks to snuggle up in on a cold, Parisian day.

But this really is a case of seeing is believing, so pop in for a gluten-free goûter, or get in early to try your tastebuds at one of the various plats du jour served for lunch.

Whether you go to try the breath-taking fare, or just marvel at the delighted “ooohs” and “ahhhs” emitted from every patron who walks through the door, you will not be disappointed.

Have you already visited Helmut Newcake? Tell us what you tried…

Helmut Newcake
36 rue Bichot, 75010
Métro: Goncourt
Image credits:
1. Gluten-free goutée, by Lalaina R. via Yelp.
2. The glass cabinet, courtesy of Joanna Day.
3. Gluten-free produce, by Lucie C. via Yelp.
4. Madame de Fontenay, by Z.Bradley.

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  1. Sarah Taylor Mar 2, 2013 at 1:54 AM - Reply

    After enviously watching people devour delicious-looking cannelés for years and years, I was finally able to taste one at Helmut Newcake (along with a rather tasty eclair…)! Well, it’s not everyday that I can eat something in a French pâtisserie!
    Thanks for this article, Zoë. 🙂

  2. Zoë Bradley Mar 2, 2013 at 8:24 PM - Reply

    Isn’t it just remarkable? And the taste is so delightful that my tongue kept telling me that it couldn’t possibly be true! I became a regular before I left and still didn’t get to try everything. You’ll have to do the groundwork for me. Thanks for your comment, Zoë.

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