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A luxury walking tour of Paris – Part One

Paris can feel like a thousand cities in one, like it is turning faster than the cars that zoom around and around the round about at Arc de Triomphe. Slow it down a little, and take Paris step by stunning step along its famed avenues and boulevards.

Vie Française |

How are French children so stylish?

A trip past an Australian primary school sparks a memory of French school fashion for one ex Parisian expat. Find out what she discovered when she first peered behind the gates of a French primary school.

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French escapades – The hidden treasures of Picardie

When you have tired of those famous Parisian lights, take a trip to Picardie, where the lights are dim enough to see the stars, but by no means less spectacular. Located just twenty-five minutes by train from Paris, Gouvieux and Chantilly, offer city-weary folk a change of scenery and pace.