Cyndie Bowen’s international French favourites


Cyndie Bowen has lived all across the globe, and even won the Expat of the Year in 2011. In our recent interview with her, she told us all about her latest venture, ‘Europe in a Box’ – brining the tastes of Europe to your doorstep.

So, when it comes to finding a taste of la France outside the country itself, we thought there was no better person to ask. Having grown up in Carcassonne, she first shared her favourite home-grown spots.

Tell us your favourite places in Carcassonne…


To eat… Chateau de Cavanac

To drink… Chez Felix

To shop… [there are] plenty of traditional boulangeries in the numerous nearby villages.

Day trip location… Montpellier or Toulouse!

Finding France all across the world

Having lived in four different countries beside her pays de naissance, Cyndie also shared her top French places in other cities.

8487440251_0fc460160a_oAre you an expatriate in Sydney, Tokyo or London? Or a francophile looking for a taste of French? Look no further.

The best French endroit in…

Sydney… Sel et Poivre (pictured left)

Tokyo… Espace Langue Tokyo

London… Wine Tasting at the ‘Institut Francais’


Thank you Cyndie, for sharing your adventures, experiences and favourite places with MaVieFrançaise®. It was wonderful to learn more about you!

Image credits:
1. Cyndie Bowen
2. Carcassonne, by Sarawho on Flickr
3. Sel et Poivre, via Trip Advisor


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