5 steps to the figure & fluency of a French woman: yoga in French – Part One

Bethany Untied Auchetti - 23/05/2013 - www.MyFrenchLife.org

It’s no secret – the world loves yoga. My own love affair with the practice of yoga began when I was only 17.

I didn’t even know what yoga was when my best friend dragged me to my first class. It was held in a dank church basement and we were the youngest attendees by several decades. But we didn’t care – we loved it. From that very first class I was a convert – a yoga enthusiast was born.

I am not alone with my love for the discipline – and it is, truly, a discipline. Yoga goes beyond the physical exercise; it is also a spiritual and mental practice. Perhaps that is why it has gained such massive popularity across the globe. Indeed, yoga has even made it to Paris, and Parisians are renowned for their dislike of exercise.

Bethany Untied Auchetti - 23/05/2013 - www.MyFrenchLife.org

So what might happen if you wandered into a French yoga class? Well, for starters, you’d get a great workout for your body and mind. You’d also hear the French versions of the common names for the yogic postures, and you might even get a kick out of listening to Sanskrit mantras chanted with a delightful French accent.

And even better: you’ll be well on your way to achieving the poise, figure and fluency of a French woman. (Because we all know French women don’t get fat!)

So let’s get started, everyone! On y va !


Before you begin a yoga session, there are some items you might find useful:

Un tapis de yoga – a yoga mat. It is not necessary to practice yoga with a proper yoga mat (when I first began yoga my friend and I used a towel). However, it is certainly helpful to have one as the material provides your body with a great cushion against a hard floor surface.

Un bloc de yoga – a yoga block. This is also not completely essential to your yoga practice, but it too can be very helpful. A yoga block helps make some postures more comfortable, especially for a beginner.

Une ceinture/sangle de yoga – a yoga strap. If you’re having trouble reaching, a yoga strap can help you stretch without straining your body.

Une chaise – a chair (not to be confused with chair pose). Having a chair nearby can be very useful during a yoga session. It can help you balance in standing postures and you can also use it to help you stand up if you have trouble doing so.

Une bouteille d’eau – a bottle of water. As with any exercise, it is important to keep hydrated.

Bethany Untied Auchetti - 23/05/2013 - www.MyFrenchLife.org

Discover more yoga in French with Part Two of our series. 

Has anyone ever experienced yoga in french? Do you have any recommendations for great places to practice yoga in French?

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