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Studying French in Martinique

In the winter of 2004, I studied abroad in Martinique. To say it was a dream come true would be an understatement. I can barely begin to describe such a wonderful trip!

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French memories: A Very Muzzy Childhood

It is funny to think that a single, oft-repeated ad had such a strangely grand impact on my life. To this day, when I hear someone count to three in French, my brain immediately rushes to complete the rest of the Muzzy commercial.

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Julie, Julia and joie de vivre

The notion of finally feeling French hit me with such force that I stopped in my tracks for a moment and just smiled to myself. The passing Frenchmen must have thought me quite odd, I reckon!

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Rébus: Jeux de mots

A rebus (rébus) is a type of visual word puzzle, originating in France in the 1600s. Rebus puzzles have been very popular throughout the years in publications such as Christmas Annuals, newspapers, magazines and even on cereal boxes.

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Making Languages Fun!

The goal of LCF is to teach language through having fun. Through the magic of games, songs, worksheets, art projects, and role-playing, children discover just how much fun learning a language can be. The atmosphere is relaxed & lesson plans are absolutely magnificent- well thought out, easy to execute, comprehensive, and a delight for both the teacher and the children.

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Melbourne’s Paris to Provence Festival…

This November marks the second annual Paris to Provence festival to be held in South Yarra’s charming Como gardens. If last year’s event is anything to go by, then this weekend promises to be even more spectacular.