So, you think you know Paris? – Answers

How many did you get right?

1. How long is the River Seine?

a. 7km    b. 13km     c. 18km     d. 24km

2. How many bridges go over the River Seine?

a. 19       b. 25         c. 37          d. 41

3. How many Vélib stations are there in Paris?

a. 512     b. 756     c. 1211      d. 1451

4. How many journeys are taken on the Paris metro each year?

a. 101 billion  b. 519 billion  c. 1219 billion  d. 1451 billion

5. Which is the longest road in Paris?

a. Rue de Vaurigard   b. Boulevard Malesherbes c. Boulevard Saint-Germain d. Boulevard Voltaire

6. And which is the widest road in Paris?

a. Av. des Champs Elysées     b. Avenue Foch     c. Av. de la Grand Armée     d. Boulevard Raspail

7. How many cinema screens are there in Paris?

a. 21    b. 117    c. 376    d. 501

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