Meet French jeweller Bruno B

ring - Meet French jeweller Bruno BWhen I say to you the words ‘French jewellery’, I expect you’ll cite the big names such as Cartier or Chaumet, of the Place Vendôme in Paris.

Aside from these famous ones, there are numerous artisan French jewellers whose talent we speak of less often. That is why I’ve decided to acquaint you with one of these golden-fingered designers: Bruno B.

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How did you become a jeweller?

My father and grandfather were both watchmakers, so I spent my childhood being lulled by the tick-tock of clocks. Their mechanisms always fascinated me.

Having gained my CAP (professional aptitude certificate) in jewellery making, it was only natural that I would join my father in the family watchmaking business. I worked there for 15 years. My father looked after the watchmaking side of things, while I took care of the jewel repair and remodelling side.

When my father retired, I had to make a choice: take over the family business or follow my heart and desire to design and open my own jewellery design atelier. And that is how ‘L’Atelier Bruno B’ was born in Toulouse in 2012.

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How do you describe your style and your designs?

I’d describe my style as simple, poetic and authentic. Nature and music are two elements that inspire me enormously. I don’t follow trends. Every one of my creations is unique and I love to watch people’s emotions when they become the proud owners of one of my designs. The best thing about my job is sharing that moment with my customer. Speaking of sharing, I have a story to tell you about my absolute favourite creation: the reversible smiley ring.

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A mother gave this ring to her autistic child. A few weeks later, she came back to explain to me that for her it wasn’t simply a ring, but a means of communication with her daughter. Effectively the little girl used it to communicate her emotions to her mother, changing the face of the smiley to represent her mood for the day. It’s thanks to these types of occasions that I love my job. Meet French jeweller Bruno B - Christelle Faux - 02.06.2014 - (3)

What do French people like in the way of jewellery?

Male or female, I’d say that my clientele is looking more and more for authenticity and simplicity. These days, people want a piece of jewellery that represents them, and not something that everybody has. The way that I work in the artisanal style reassures my clients. They know that their jewellery has been treated with respect and that they aren’t produced in another studio. As such, my clients can directly follow the process of creation or remodelling of a jewel.

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French women love discrete jewellery as much as they do the more imposing pieces. Nevertheless, one thing remains true for all women: they are fascinated by diamonds. Turquoise is another stone that gets asked for more and more.

As for French men, they appreciate the mechanism of an integrated watch and they wear more silver or white gold jewellery. I’ve also noticed men increasingly wearing rope bracelets.

Merci, Bruno B, for taking some time to inspire us with your work.

L’Atelier Buno B can be found at 10 rue de la Concorde, 31000 Toulouse.

What type of jewellery do you prefer? Share your favourite French bijoutiers in the comments below.

Images courtesy Bruno B.

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