The internal team – who’s respsonsible for what?

If you’re reading this, it means you’re one of our fabulous internal team members. This in turn means you have a very important role!

Depending on how many days you’re working, and also the particular internship we’ve designed together, you may be touching one or a few of the following things…

1. Communications – Kerrin
2. Editorial processes and team – Kenaira -> Ellen
3. Publishing – Kenaira -> Kerrin and Ellen
4. Performance – Judy
5. Community – Judy

Each piece is just as important as the next: without any of these, our business would fall apart! So, we rely on our internal team members to be proactive, intelligent-thinkers; always thirsty to learn more and do better.

Here’s a visual representation of how these areas fit together:


Each area has its own specific daily and weekly responsibilities. And, it’s very important that the progress of these are clearly communicated in daily reports and other necessary locations, so Hannah and Judy know everything is running smoothly.

Click below to discover more about what each role entails.

1. Communications
2. Editorial processes and team
3. Publishing
4. Performance *Coming soon*
5. Community * Coming soon*

Every day…

1. Say hello at the start of the day! (in #chat.)

2. Have a chat with everyone throughout the day – you’re part of a team, so it’s important to interact with everyone, especially because we’re all working on opposite sides of the globe.

3. Before the end of each day, the internal team will compile their daily reports. [If we decide on a joint approach then a joint daily report. Throughout the day, they will each update the same draft email in the info inbox, adding what they’ve completed, and what is still outstanding. This report will be separated into an internal team report (ie all items in your own internal team schedules) and then individual team member reports for extra tasks like editing and social media.]

Refer to #dailyreport to see how this report should look.

4. Say goodbye when you’re done! (in #chat.)

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