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1. Straight to the point!

All this talk in the Conversation recently about self-analysis, philosophy, self-development etc had me wondering something and I want you to tell me – I want you to tell me straight!

Is it all Too serious?

Do you agree or disagree?

How can we have more fun?

It’s your turn! yes, you! in the comments section below, please.

Are my Conversations in le Bulletin TOO serious?

MyFrenchLife™ – MyFrenchLife.org -le Bulletin - Conversation - Too serious? not enough fun?

Thank you

I really appreciate those of you who’ve chosen to respond to my recent ‘Conversations’ – merci mille fois – thanks a thousand times!

You can catch-up…

And if you missed them you can play catch up here and now!

Well, are my ‘Conversations’ TOO serious?

My self-analysis and answer to the question: ‘Are my Conversations in le Bulletin TOO serious?’ is peut-être – perhaps…

Yes! It’s all been a bit serious lately, hasn’t it? Maybe we need more fun? Do you think so?

Ok, let’s have more fun…

When I came across this personality ‘profiler’ I had to share it with you!

I’m still trying to work out which Parisian monument I am. Actually, I’m torn between two of them and I’d love you to tell me which monument is me!

How say you tell me?

Have a look below and tell me: –

  • Which monument are you?
  • and which monument am I?

(With acknowledgement and thanks to our friends at MyLittleParis.com for this profiler fun – an awesome site for Francophiles.)

What Your Favorite Paris Monument Says About You*

What Your Favorite Paris Monument Says About You*


Pick your favorite Parisian monument, then scroll down and let us make an arbitrary judgement about your personality, because we’re French, and that’s what we’re good at.

“So, what kind of music do you like?” is the desperate kind of question your date will ask you around second 3.6 of an Unbearably Awkward Date Silence, at which point most will dip into the cooler end of their Spotify and fish out an answer like “80s hip-hop” or “jazz manouche.” Not you. You have nothing to hide. You love anything that’s ever appeared in a top-40 list and sometimes cry while listening to Céline Dion (#RIPRené). You love mojitos, small tattoos, and gold iPhones. You are an Eiffel Tower of a human: bright, sparkly, and just un tout petit peu basic.



You’ve got the calves of a Classical statue and a behind as tantalizing as two freshly-baked boules.

Your dream apartment looks like this, your ideal Friday looks like this, and your ideal romantic partner looks like… well, that doesn’t matter so much.

You are real and honest and beautiful and true — and in the spirit of your literary hero, Hemingway, there’s an above-average chance that you’re drunk right now.

Only those who dare truly live.” — the motto that guides 99% of your life choices, including the choice to go for a walk in the park dressed in leather peeptoe heels and a blue-velvet jumpsuit in the middle of winter. Of course, it will all be worth it when you finally do cross paths with Scott Schuman, who you will definitely recognize, because you are a stalker.



The idea of fondling everything in your closet to see if it ‘sparks joy’ in your soul makes you want to dry heave. Minimalism just isn’t your thing — but then, how could it be when your favorite monument is the ~Grand Palace~?

Dating apps make sense. You get why people use them. But you just can’t. You want the story. The eyes across the crowded room. The serendipitous encounter on the bridge with An Intriguing French Person just two seconds before a light summer drizzle begins to fall, forcing you and AIFP to seek shelter somewhere cozie—wait, does this scenario sound familiar to anyone?

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” Know who said that? Offfffff course you do.

There is at least a 10% chance your child’s first word was, or will be ‘Bauhaus’.


2. What do you read?

MyFrenchLife™ - MyFrenchLife.org - le Bulletin - Conversation - What do you read?

I was wondering – what you like to read?

This line of thinking was prompted by the fact that this week we published two articles related to books & reading.

So, a few questions for you…

  1. Which books do you have beside your bed right now? and
  2. Which are your favourite (Francophile/Francophone) reads in English or French?
  3. Which books are you loving that are not Francophile or Francophone reads but are wonderful?

Recently in the ‘To agree or disagree’ discussion in the ‘Conversation’, I spoke of three such books but I have a pretty extensive library and I’m always wondering which gems are missing from my collection and missing from my life!

MyFrenchLife™ - MyFrenchLife.org - le Bulletin - Conversation - Enrich my life with books

How say we help each other enrich our lives with more reading

Your responses and suggestions in comments below please – just a reminder to sign-up or log-in to comment.

C’est tout pour aujourd’hui – That’s all for today – See you in le Bulletin and the ‘Conversation’ next Saturday!

Merci d’avance

PS: * What is the le Bulletin ‘Conversation’?
– Le Bulletin is the private weekly newsletter for MyFrenchLife.org community members. [Join and you shall receive.] – Le Bulletin provides your weekend French immersion: our newest magazine articles to help you ‘Frenchify’ your life!
– The ‘Conversation’ is a weekly essay; a conversation of sorts, between Judy & members.

As we are a community comprising many curious Francophiles, myself included, there is no limit to the themes we cover in the ‘Conversation’! Each ‘Conversation contains at least one theme which can range from the meaning of life to French fashion to travel and experiences in and/or from France.

It is intended to be thought-provoking and often takes a philosophical approach to the challenges of life, relationships, careers, self-awareness and self-improvement.

We’re open to theme and topic suggestions and we dare you to disagree!

MyFrenchLife™ - MyFrenchLife.org - le Bulletin - Conversation

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  1. Otir Apr 9, 2017 at 3:04 AM - Reply

    Never too serious for me! I love thoughtful posts and conversations always.

    As to my favorite monument, it would be Le Centre Pompidou for many reasons too long to develop in a comment!

    Beside my bed right now is “This Grateful Heart” by Alden Solovy (which I received dedicated by the author recently), “Platform – Get Noticed in a Noisy World” by Michael Hyatt, which is obviously not literature but a personal and business interest for me right now and “Letters to my daughter” by Maya Angelou, which I had never read, and that my brother gifted me for my birthday (which was in May last year! just to show that I am such a slow reader of books!).

    • Judy MacMahon Apr 10, 2017 at 12:20 PM - Reply

      Thanks for letting me know Otir – “never too serious” huh 😉 Well remember to call me out if it does ever become a bit that way!

      My favourite two are the Alexandre bridge and the Tuilleries. I was interested in the fund personality depiction that aligned with those – just a bit of fun anyway…Oh, fabulous list of books! thank you I’ll add those to my list 🙂

      Speak again soon, I hope

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