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We met Katia Dayan on stage at the Olympia concert hall in Paris March 2016, at the evening event  ‘All Women singing against cancer’; organised by an association which she is part of.

Katia, president and founder of ‘Les Papillons de Jour’, an agency offering customised communication strategies, told us about her challenge: one which focuses on humanity and positive energy.

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Katia Dayan: a mother above all elseMyFrenchLife™ - - MidetPlus - Katia Dayan - disability - Butterflies & Disability

From as far back as she can remember, Katia Dayan has always felt the need to focus on a project in order to progress, taking pleasure
in creating and facing challenges. Her parents taught her the essential qualities in life from an early age: generosity and the importance of looking out for other people. Even as a child, and already a risk-taker and a fighter, she naturally helped others in need.

With business training under her belt, Katia dedicated herself to the sales, innovation and methodology aspects of business. She had a passion for developing new products and became the director of development, all the while remaining very people-orientated. Sharing is second nature for this protective woman of integrity and mother of four children. Referring to her children she says:

They are my everything.

A different approach towards disability

A painful personal experience revealed to Katia the daily struggle faced by those with a disability trying to live normally. She therefore decided to raise awareness amongst businesses about the world of disability by educating companies, promoting integration and reducing the weight of the AGEFIPH tax.

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Katia noticed that there was no existing customised communication agency in the protected workers sector, so in 2010 she gave it a try and created a consultancy firm. After overcoming the political and economic challenges that came with it, she finally obtained her certification in 2012.


Katia employs 15 or so staff between her two agencies in Boulogne-Billancourt and Rouen (including a web developer, IT engineer, director of artistic infographics, motion designer and others), of which 80% have a disability. For them it’s about a pathway to employment. The staff are hired based on their skills and they don’t want to hear talk of any ‘differences’, just like clients of the agency (Club Med, EDF, Thomas Cook, Calzedonia, Cacharel, Macif, Cap Gemini, J’ai Lu, Renault, etc.) Katia believes:

The more clients I have, the more people I will be able to hire.

TomorrowMyFrenchLife™ - - MidetPlus - Katia Dayan - disability - Butterflies & Disability - in the Rouen office

This unprompted and relentless fighter aims to open up agencies in other cities. Today Les Papillons de Jour is involved in professional training to guide those with a disability within businesses and to respond better to the needs of the market. The mentors travel around to either the Papillons de Jour offices or to other businesses to train the staff.  They help to advance their skill set or to assist with their professional integration.

What’s it like being 50?

We know what we no longer want in life, and are more mature in our search of spirituality. However, I still have my young soul.

What is my driving force in the morning?

I smile!

Any sport?

For what reason? (she laughs).

What do I do to destress?

I listen to music; the choice varies depending on my mood.MyFrenchLife™ - - MidetPlus - Katia Dayan - disability - Papillons & Handicap - Papillons de Jour





The secret to happiness?

Life is made up of beautiful surprises. The secret is to live alongside people who are similar to us and who share the same values.

My motivation?

My children.

The key to success?

Happiness in itself.

A particular mantra?

Live your dreams, believe in your ideas, never have fear as nothing is impossible!

As an individual who is a fully-fledged entrepreneur, 200% committed to her role as a mother, advocating above all else humanity, sharing, pleasure in work, diversity in her company and in society, Katia Dayan is one of those women becoming ever more numerous who truly inspire and motivate others!

MyFrenchLife™ - - disability - MidetPlus - Katia Dayan - Butterflies & Disability - Butterfly staff

What do you think about what Katia is doing for the disabled community? Do you know anyone with a disability who could benefit from Katia’s agencies? Share your thoughts with us in the comments box below.

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