Delphine Josse: French fashion brand celebrating women – a new challenge

MyFrenchLife™ – – Delphine Josse: the French brand which celebrates women is embracing a new challengeOne hundred percent dedicated to the little black dress, Toulouses upmarket brand, Delphine Josse was created for real women today.

After launching her e-shop one year ago, Delphine Josse now has a new goal: to create Toulouse’s very own Espaces de la Mode Toulousaine et Occitane (EMTO) in the ville rose.

Delphine Josse: an ode to femininity

Referred to as “furiously elegant” by the designer herself, DJ’s creations are simple and sophisticated, allowing women to combine beauty and practicality.

Far from the conventions of the fashion world, the French brand provides dresses adapted to all body shapes. From size 6 to size 16, the brand has something for all women.

  • Active women
  • Free women
  • Uninhibited women

Timeless, chic, and casual, the designer has decided to create only all-black outfits. Surpassing all other colors, black reveals a balanced figure and a well-structured silhouette.

This universal and elegant color allows the designer to provide her customers with a blank canvas. Customers can then embellish their outfits as they wish – with colorful accessories, such as a mandarin Obi Belt.

MyFrenchLife™ – – Delphine Josse: the French brand which celebrates women is embracing a new challenge

Other accessories offered by the brand include clutch bags, belts, and colorfully patterned scarfs.

Designed by Jérémy Urset (graphic designer & co-founder of Delphine Josse), these accessories take their inspiration from the ornamental patterns of the Art Nouveau movement. They aim to contrast with the black of the classic French-made dresses.

Delphine Josse: a committed French brand

Keen to provide a sophisticated and high-quality collection, Delphine Josse’s dresses are entirely made in France. The designs are conceived according to the Slow Fashion trend.

The pieces are simple in appearance but show great sophistication in the know-how employed and the quality of materials selected.

  • All of DJ’s creations receive special care and attention
  • The same seamstress cuts and gathers each item with meticulous attention-to-detail to guarantee flawless quality

MyFrenchLife™ – – Delphine Josse: the French brand which celebrates women is embracing a new challenge

Passionate about their work, Delphine Josse and Jérémy Urset dreamt of taking their vision further still.

In fact, a few months ago both co-founders challenged themselves with creating the Maison de la Mode Toulousaine et Occitane which can be found at; 9 Place Saintes-Scarbes, 3100 Toulouse, France.

MMTO: an ambitious new project in the South of France

The Occitanie region is a breeding ground for talent. Many people come here looking for a unique and accessible place to share and exchange ideas. A region where each trade and profession in the fashion world has its place.

Seamstresses, designers, graphic designers, and even leather suppliers can all share and work together on various projects.

The idea behind this project was born from the observation that for many years, due to a lack of means or of professional networks, creative people have been leaving the region to live in Paris or in other big cities around the world.

MyFrenchLife™ – – Delphine Josse: the French brand which celebrates women is embracing a new challenge

Aware of the region’s potential and keen to preserve artisanal know-how, Delphine Josse and Jérémy Urset decided to launch the project MMTO.

Still searching for a partnership, this ambitious project should (and I wish them every success) emerge in September 2018, in Toulouse.

So, after Paris, Lyon, and Lille is it now Toulouse’s turn to have its very own Espaces de la Mode Toulousaine et Occitane (EMTO)?

Have you heard of Delphine Josses designs? What do you think of her concept? We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments in the box below.


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