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Raised in French Algerian culture, Murielle never heard the phrase “no, because you’re a girl” during her childhood. Neither did she get the impression that a woman’s place was in the house – far from it. Instead, she grew up with the image that a woman must be educated.

Since childhood, Murielle wanted to change the world (she was nicknamed Mother Teresa), which naturally led her to follow a scientific path, pursuing 6 years of pharmaceutical studies.

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Building a business for successMyFrenchLife™ - - Inspiring Women - MidetPlus - Murielle Pringez – setting out to achieve

Murielle began her career working in numerous pharmaceutical laboratories where she never found that being a woman was an issue.

It’s the qualification that counts and it’s the position that makes the difference.

The questionable ethical values, however, were another matter… Therefore, she left that world behind to become an organisational coach and consultant within European institutions and various sized businesses. There, she was told that because she was a woman she could never be in charge.

You can have 15 children, but not a career, she says with irony.

And as it seemed that there were no existing businesses within which she could prosper, Murielle decided to create her own company at the age of 37: ACCOFOR, a training organisation focused on talent development.

A woman of commitment: leading in office

“Today it is difficult to find women who really want to run for office,” explains Murielle, who in 2013, took the plunge and became Advisor and Vice-President of the Health & Social Action Commission at the CESER (Council for Social, Economic & Regional Environmental Affairs) in Île-de-France. Appointed for a period of six years at just 39 years old (the youngest ever appointee), she spent four days a month working there. In 2016, she became Vice-President of EAF (Female Entrepreneurship Foundation) as well as giving two hours of her time each month to Yvelines Actives, a non-profit organisation helping business leaders to obtain loans. Murielle also works with the Fondation SUEZ towards the integration of women into the labour market.

The position of women will change if they have access to knowledge.

MyFrenchLife™ - - Inspiring Women - MidetPlus - Murielle Pringez – setting out to achieve

Today, her roles as Vice-President take up around a third of her time!

This has been a wonderfully inspiring encounter with such a committed and fearless business leader, who is so full of energy and ideas, and who plans to change the position of women in society. Murielle’s mantra, which we heard so often during our discussion, is this:

Life is beautiful!

MyFrenchLife™ - - Inspiring Women - MidetPlus - Murielle Pringez – setting out to achieve

We interview Murielle Pringez:

1. What’s your drive each morning?

Doing a little bit of exercise when I wake up, reminding myself that I’m alive, and that it’s another day to make the most of, and above all, knowing that nothing should be taken for granted!

2. Who is your mentor?

Marie-France Aynard Dufour, a manager at UPSA (French pharmaceutical laboratory) who helped me to discover the personality hiding behind my abundant shyness. It’s not the person giving who has courage, but rather the person who receives something, takes it on board, and uses it to transform themselves!

3. What about your networks of women?

They allow a way to share ideas for being stronger and to promote ourselves as women. They allow us to gain some perspective and put an end to the solitude experienced by female business leaders, encouraging them to take a step back, to enjoy themselves, to search for a better future, and to learn to delegate and better manage their time.

4. What’s your secret to success?

Be daring, surround yourself with good people who support your ventures, and don’t take yourself too seriously. Maintain your humility, return to the simple things in life – like working the land to stay grounded. I was lucky to have a spouse who pushed and supported me.

5. What are you proud of?

My 21-year-old twins, who are already committed and ambitious! I am proud of them, but the important thing is that they get there themselves. My family is my bubble, my energy source.

6. What does the future hold?

I hope to allow more people access to knowledge, because having it means being able to choose. I would also like to work to change the way skills are perceived, in other words recognising skills rather than formal qualifications.

What are your thoughts on the position of women in society? Do you believe that things are changing for the better? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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