Lido bootcamp: how I became a ‘Bluebell’- you can too.

This summer while leafing through a sports magazine, I was surprised and delighted to discover that the famous Parisian cabaret, le Lido, was going to open its doors for an unprecedented experience: the first Lido bootcamp!

I learned that between September 10 to October 4, 2019, the Lido is providing the public the opportunity to discover the world of the famous dancers: the ‘Bluebells’.

II found the idea of a ‘Lido workshop’ experience so extraordinary, that there and then I decided to try it. Then afterward, I really had to share it with you! So many people have had a dream to become a Lido dancer! These workshops or bootcamp sessions have one of three names: ‘Bluebell’, ‘Barricade‘ and ‘Final’.

  1. ‘Bluebell’: to develop your femininity.
  2. ‘Barricade’: to feel your strength
  3. ‘Final’: to know enjoy the pleasure of a finale.

I remind you that the Lido bootcamp is accessible to everyone, whatever your level of fitness (and even if you are not at all athletic, you’ll still be able to follow the pace, I assure you).

Discovering Lido bootcamp – from my experience

  • Imagine that you are on the avenue des Champs-Élysées and in front of you is le Lido an unmissable, mythical cabaret location. A wonderful venue to pass a wonderful in the capital.
  • From your first step onto the midnight blue carpet that leads to the main entrance of the Lido, you will feel transported to another world, not only due to the lavish gilded surroundings but also thanks to the unique fragrance in the aisle, which is specially created for le Lido.
  • Very soon you’ll be greeted in the lobby by the friendly Lido team.
  • Before you get to the location where the bookcamp will take place, the Lido team provided each participant with a personalized tank top for the occasion. In black and gold – both sober and chic for this ‘Barricade’ workshop session.
  • In sportswear, you are now ready for the bootcamp activity to start.

Lido bootcamp – what is it exactly?

To be a ‘Bluebell’ at the Lido is thought to be quite an achievement. The ‘Bluebells’ are artists that we often associate with glamor, sexiness, and also with nudity.   Dancing for Le Lido is first and foremost synonymous with intensive training, perseverance and personal investment. To be part of the ‘Bluebell’ troupe, you must first be an athlete.

Through this one and a half hour Lido bootcamp, I gained insight into and even got to ‘live’ the life of a ‘Bluebell’!

The Lido workshops are all coached by members of the Lido ‘Bluebells’ themselves with two coaches per session and a maximum of twelve participants.

Ready, Set, Go – the Lido bootcamp detail

  • Here I was in the den of the famous Lido performance hall!
  • I found myself surrounded by dining tables and chairs: all white tablecloths, and red velvet chairs.
  • After a quick look around I found my eyes drawn to the centerpiece: the famous stage. It was already spotlit, with the logo ‘The Lido’ in the background.
  • Wow effect, guaranteed!

Part 1 – the training

During the first 40 minutes, we were coached by one of the cabaret dancers, it was really a warm-up for the second part of the bootcamp:

  • sit-ups,
  • sheath / abs session,
  • cardio but also
  • pilates exercises and even yoga.

During my session, it was the dancer Alicia (Soloist dancer at @lidoparis ) who accompanied us in this first part.

Part 2 – the dance

Now that our bodies were ready and awake, it was time to learn how to dance.

There was a change of coach (during my practice it is Victoria, Bluebell at Lido, who shared his knowledge).

For 50 minutes, step by step:
– we learned to dance so as to reproduce the particular cabaret choreography.
– In addition to the choreography, we learned all about the attitude of a ‘Bluebell’” their glamorous, determined side, their grace – all that characterizes them.

It was hard to believe!
I almost had to pinch myself!
It was such a unique moment finding myself there, under the Lido spotlights and in this mythical room reserved only for us.  The atmosphere of this place, together with music led me to outdo myself and give the best of myself to each of the dance steps.

Becoming a Lido ‘Bluebell’ – living the dream

For me, even though I’m French, it was my first time at the Lido and I must admit that I enjoyed this place, full of sophistication and glamor and I absolutely loved the overall experience.

I loved the Lido bootcamp concept on the one hand, and the generosity of the dancers I had the pleasure of meeting.

For me it was the combination of, the place, the atmosphere and the wonderful dancers who coached us with their motivational words and dynamism, that pushed me to excel.

As for the bootcamp, I’m planning on trying another different session.

So, now over to you! This Lido bootcamp experience is only open until October 4, 2019, and I might see you there – I hope so.

And have you ever been to this famous French cabaret – Lido de Paris?  What did you like?  Share your memories with us.

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