Creativity Explored: Emilie & Gil in Cannes

Creativity Explored
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Creativity Explored: Emilie & Gil in Cannes

by Debra Mako
Creativity Explored: Emilie and Gil in Cannes by Debbie Brezinsky
- - photographer Ron Fox
Image copyright Ron Fox

Gil suggested Emilie accompany him to Cannes for the day as he was seriously considering the purchase of a condominium unit that was part of a larger waterfront property.

Emilie thought it odd that Gil already purchased two round trip plane tickets for the same day, January 7, before asking if she was available to join him. Furthermore, Gil never mentioned interest in purchasing property outside Paris. Emilie assumed Gil was starting to look at engagement rings as they had often spoken of the future – together. Lately, however, something was missing. Gil seemed rather preoccupied and discussions about ‘us’ had slowly yet strategically transformed to ‘me.’ Their 2-year relationship had Emilie suddenly feeling detached, but she chalked his distant persona up to the global pandemic.

She was as puzzled about Gil’s interest in Cannes properties as she was curious, so she readily agreed to join him for the day trip.

For the 1 hour 30 minute flight; they met at CDG at 6 a.m., arriving in Cannes – CEQ, at 8:30 a.m. Hardly a word was spoken at the airport, during the flight, and when they were met by the real estate agent to transport them to the properties Gil was interested in seeing.

A cold, brisk day of 6 degrees Celsius, the silence between Gil & Emilie was magnified by the chilly weather. Feeling like a third wheel, essentially ignored for the entirety of the day, Emilie felt that it was a mistake to have joined Gil in a decision she was completely exasperated by. If ever she thought they had a future together, January 7th made her realize that what she thought they had together pre-pandemic, was in tremendous jeopardy going forward. She couldn’t have felt more out of place, the proverbial fish-out-of-water as Gil and real estate agent, Marie, joked and laughed and talked real estate as though Emilie was not there with them.

Throughout lunch and an early dinner, the conversation was real estate as the attention was with Marie, not Emilie. Gil was very interested in one of the condo units with a breathtaking view, never asking Emilie for her opinion. Gil made an offer as he was ready to seriously commit to the purchase of a vacation property, only he showed complete disinterest in Emilie’s opinion on anything in regards to the sale & purchase. After saying goodbye to Marie, confirming that she would be in touch to confirm if there would be a counteroffer or if Gil’s offer would be accepted by the seller, Gil suggested they take a walk on the beach before nightfall and their flight back to Paris at 9 p.m.

With an unexplainable yet understandable lump in her throat as the cold air whipped their faces, stinging cold droplets everywhere their coats weren’t, Gil silently faced faced Emilie, and began to slowly speak.

She could hardly grasp the coldness of the start of the conversation as the sun went down, the cold seemed bitter and the loneliness between the couple seemed worlds apart.

Gil spoke of them growing apart, having little in common, being on a different page, not having similar perspectives, and not wanting the same things in life. He said he still loved Emilie but wasn’t in love with her.

The conversation was essentially one-sided, which really didn’t matter in the end. Their relationship was over.

In Emilie’s mind, perhaps it never was and therefore, never should be. As sad as she was that they had spent 2 years in an exclusive relationship, and perhaps that time was wasted, she felt hopeful and happy.

From what started out as a lack of positive energy in the morning at CDG, gave her a feeling of buoyant rejuvenation as they made their way from the waterfront on this night – January 7, 2021, to CEQ, for their flight back to Paris. They barely spoke until saying goodbye as they took separate UBER’s to their apartments in Paris.

Life ahead would hopefully hold better things for Emilie as well as for Gil. Emilie felt they both deserve to be happy.  

Thank you to Ron Fox for his photography which inspired this story
Thank you to Debra Mako for her Fast Fiction
Both are members of

Creativity Explored
is a Series where we do just that: explore creativity!
As part of this series, we started out with

[you can read more about that
here and participate at any time
as this is an ongoing exercise.]

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