Experience Lyon: the ultimate traveler’s Lyon city guide

The Ultimate Guide to the Lyon is a ‘must-read’ in order to really appreciate it all! Here at MyFrenchLife.org we’ve been bringing you wonderful content since 2010. We’ve decided to reach onto our archives and dust off some of our most popular articles about Lyon. We invite you to dive into our ultimate guide to Lyon and make your next trip to la ville des lumières unforgettable!

Ultimate guide to Lyon: top 10 reasons to visit Lyon

At MyFrenchLife™, we love nothing more than to live as locals in the city of our choosing. There’s something magical about discovering a city as more than just a tourist or visitor, and a great local guide can make a huge difference! 

So, if you love travelling as a local like us, then it makes sense to consider staying in the home of locals – imagine trading lives with a famille française even for a few weeks… And that’s the reason we love house-sitting. It allows us to discover new places from an entirely different perspective.

Once you’ve sorted out one half of the equation, the only thing left to do is find that local city guide…

One of our favourite spots in south-east France is definitely the charming city of Lyon. So, here are our top ten Lyon favourites: food, drink, museums and other fun things to do, compiled by local experts in the know. The true insider guide…Read more

Savvy traveller tips for Lyon

Located right in heart of the Rhône-Alpes region of France, and making the most of the majestic Rhône and Saône rivers, Lyon is the perfect destination for Francophiles. In fact, many would tell you that this city, home to almost two million, makes a great alternative to Paris for both short and long stays.

Showcasing all the things we love about France, Lyon is world-renowned for its food, history, and classic charm. As a result, it’s hardly surprising that Lyon is a MyFrenchLife™ favourite.

Following on from our Top 10 reasons to visit Lyon, and in keeping with our desire to explore France beyond the cliché, here we take a deeper look, focusing on some of the practicalities of visiting this fabulous French city…Read more

How to enjoy Lyon with children

‘MyFrenchLife™ ‘MyFrenchLife™ - gastronomy in lyon - puppets

Exploring a city with children can be a daunting task. Every summer I have to take my children to Lyon to visit family. To be honest I would prefer to spend my summer at the beach.

Yet somehow, we always end up having a wonderful time in Lyon and my children look forward to going there. Lyon with children need not be a chore.

Whether you have a little climber, a nature, or a history lover, Lyon offers a wide array of activities and places to discover. This partly explains why it has just received the 2016 World Travel Awards as Europe’s Leading City Break Destination. There has never been a better time to visit Lyon with children.

Here is your Lyon guide containing my tried and tested ideas which will surely appeal to your children and will make your trip to Lyon fun for the whole family…Read more

Guide to navigating le bouchon lyonnais like a local

‘MyFrenchLife™ ‘MyFrenchLife™ - ultimate guide to lyon - bouchon

Many guidebooks list le bouchon lyonnais as a ‘must do’ when visiting the gastronomic capital of France. 

And they are right to do so; it’s a delicious way to discover Lyon’s extraordinary food history.

To avoid tourist traps and order like a local we’ve put together this guide with des petits conseils.

Each bouchon has their own petite touche d’originalité but there are certain elements you can expect any of these restaurants. Simple and rustic design featuring exposed wooden awnings and checkered tablecloths are complemented by warm and friendly service...Read more

Ultimate guide to Lyon: exploring Croix-Rousse

‘MyFrenchLife™ ‘MyFrenchLife™ - ultimate guide to lyon

What’s in the anagram OnlyLyon? What publicist thought up this brilliant marketing strategy to promote France’s second largest metropolitan area and third largest city?

Lyon is a singular place: I have never needed any persuading to travel to this Unesco World Heritage site.

I love its dramatic position between the Rhône and the Saône, rolling up and down the hills; its impressive Roman forum and exceptional museums. And of course who can forget its gastronomy – not just restaurants but the beautiful Saint-Antoine market with over 100 vendors.

But let me tell you about a part of town that has always eluded me: le Quartier de la Croix-Rousse. It’s named for the russet-colored stone cross that was placed here in the 16th century…Read more

Have you been to Lyon? What are your travel tips? Do you have suggestions to add to this guide? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Images credits:
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3.  Lyon, via Wikipedia.
4. © Scott Gould
5. ‘Guignol de Lyon’, Tusco via Wikimedia Commons
6. Bouchon dans le vieux Lyon by Guillaume Baviere via Flickr
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The Ultimate Guide to Lyon:
a six-part Series of tips on how to discover the best of Lyon

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Articles in this series will be added to this linked naivigation list as they are published.

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