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The Ultimate Guide to the Lyon traditional & more contemporary gastronomy is a ‘must-read’ in order to really appreciate it all! Lyon is synonymous with its world-famous gastronomy. The city boasts over 4000 restaurants from traditional bouchons to modern eateries. There’s so much to discover in terms of gastronomy in Lyon. We’ve reached back into our archives to uncover some useful articles to help you get started!

Gastronomy in Lyon: the traditional Bouchon Lyonnais

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A week into my stay in Lyon, a French friend (and Lyon local) asked a question that would reappear each time I met someone new.

“Have you been to a bouchon yet?”

That first evening was my earliest encounter with the intensity of Lyon’s culinary obsession. I made a booking at a nearby bouchon for the following day.

Gastronomy has an integral role in the life and culture of France’s second biggest city. Throughout its history Lyon has proudly shown its epicurean colours.

Even before the arrival of Roman settlers, wine was traded in the Lyon area. Once erected the Roman city of Lugdunum (now Lyon) was at the forefront of this tradeRead more

Guide to navigating bouchons: what to order

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Each bouchon has their own petite touche d’originalité but there are certain elements you can expect any of these restaurants. Simple and rustic design featuring exposed wooden awnings and checkered tablecloths are complemented by warm and friendly service.

Your choice of drink is as equally important as your meal in a bouchon lyonnais. An apéritif could consist of kir with crème de cassis (blackcurrant syrup in white wine), a communard (blackcurrant syrup in red wine) or a pompier (wine, gooseberry syrup and soda water).

However it is the wine with the repas that defines a true bouchon experience. A glass of Beaujolais or Côte du Rhône served from a traditional glass bottle or pot lyonnais. No exceptions…Read more

Gastronomy in Lyon: traditional pink pralines

Sweet, sugar-coated, and spectacularly pink: pralines roses – tiny caramelised almonds – are a taste of childhood no matter what your age is.

Although the French capital of gastronomy may be known for its bouchons serving rich and meaty saucissons and quenelles, Lyon also has its fair share of sweet specialities.

Pralines are a popular sweet treat found across France, but Lyon’s fluorescent pink sugary shells immediately catch the eye of passers-by. Whilst pralines are popular in chocolate, the Lyonnais have found many ways to add a touch of colour to various recipes…Read more

Lyon’s lighter gourmet side: more contemporary food and beyond

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Lyon is well-known for being the capital of gastronomy in France – which we all know means cheese, wine and pastries. Unless you have the willpower of a Frenchwoman, it can be hard not to overindulge. Our Lyon health & wellbeing guide is for those of you who need a break from Lyon’s gourmet restaurants, or want to stretch, move and relax after all that sightseeing. 

Surely there should be some element of gratification in a trip to France. After all, Lyon is world-renowned for its gastronomy, particularly its must visit bouchons.

But there should also be an element of balance – shouldn’t there?

We’re told that if we take the time to look after ourselves while travelling our body will thank us…Read more

What do you like to eat in Lyon? Do you have suggestions to add to this ultimate guide? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below 

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