Men On The Verge of A Nervous Breakdown: Alliance Française French Film Festival 2022

Seven men, stressed by city living and loving, are all on the verge of a nervous breakdown. They each reluctantly sign up for a men’s workshop in the country.

No stereotypes – only well developed characters

A mix of hippie therapy and male bonding in the bush, this film is interesting in that it is not an American film full of stereotypes and clichés.

It is also nothing like Padro Almovodar’s Women On The Verge of A Nervous Breakdown!

These male characters are well developed and their stories are interesting. Even more around the way they react with each other, ranging from dismissive to churlish to affectionate. 

Emotional reactions and resourcefulness tested

They are taken out of their comfort zone – no private rooms, no en-suites, no chefs – and they are left to fend for themselves – making their own meals from the vegetable garden, building furniture and an outdoor table, and furnishing the common yurt from a pile of random junk.

Tasks are set for the men to explore and deal with their emotions. 

If American films can be full of clichés, the French love a bit of slapstick – but thankfully this is avoided. The comedy is in how they resist, how they break down, and how they interact with each other. It is also very touching.

The acting is great, and the narrative arc – seven men find themselves and friendship in the bush – is predictable but entertainingly so.

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