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Quand la Musique est bonne

My interest in French music was really more something that accompanied my early years of love for French culture. My good friend and then A-Level oral assistant was the one to introduce me to French songs.

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C’est La Folie

‘C’est La Folie’ sounds like a jovial and bad attempt at calling the world a crazy place. Well, crazy place it might be, but for those of you yet to discover the delightful book that bears this title, I am so excited for you to read it.

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Christmas: News of Great Joy?

n total juxtaposition to the glamour of the season of Advent, I recently read about a rather controversial decision which would affect the capital – or a good 9.2 per cent of it this year, if the unemployment statistics are anything to go by. During my time in Paris, I remember noticing the stark and irrefutable presence of the city’s SDF (sans domicile fixe, or homeless).

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Midnight in Paris: nostalgia for a golden age

I think the film touched upon something much more relevant to those of us who have fallen under the city’s spell… nostalgia of a golden age. I was reminded of my three months working in Paris. Whilst I won’t pretend my Parisian world was as idyllic as Owen Wilson’s, it felt close at times.

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Sugar and spice and all things nice

Visitors to France hanker after the boulangeries and pâtisseries found on every street corner of the country. The boulangeries, yes. The croissants, I understand. Macaroons, I LOVE, so I give them that too. These, after all, have become part of my holiday routine. And yet I rarely touched the things when I lived, worked, and immersed myself in French life… [But s]o how has this world of sucreries become such a reflection of French culture?

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English, but “lost in France, in love”

“Mais, tu es française ou anglaise?” This is one of my favourite questions. Although my English heritage is obvious well before I can open my mouth, much of my heart will always be, in the immortalised words of Bonnie Tyler, “lost in France, in love”.