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A French stroll in Paris

While you are waiting in line, you can drool over the decadent pâtisseries in their display. The long counter is filled with macaroons of every imaginable colour and flavour combination, traditional mille-feuille, a rainbow of fruit tarts, profiteroles and an assortment of chocolate truffles.

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Secrets to creative French cuisine at La Petite Maison

La Petite Maison offers several classes a month, each focused on a specific theme or particular seasonal ingredient. The programs have been running for over five years and judging by the number of attendees, it is obvious that he has developed a loyal following.

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Fabulous french light show at Pont du Gard

Laser lights, fireworks, and acrobatics punctuated the next hour as the old Roman bridge was transformed into an imaginary river, a line of trees, rows of houses, and a pyramid of people.

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Remarkable Gardens in France: Jardins Remarquables

In May 2003, the label Jardin Remarquable was created in order to celebrate the magnificent gardens of France… One of the Provencal gardens is at the Chateau Val Joanis vineyard just outside Pertuis in the Luberon. The property met all of the requirements in 2005 and was voted ‘French Garden of the Year’ in 2008.

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France to Canada: Jetstream Aller Retour

On our last round of trans-Atlantic flights, I began to think about when I begin to feel like I have left one country and arrived in the other. Is it when the cabin door closes … Is it when the customs agent greets you … Is it when you see the French newspapers? I guess for everyone it is a bit different.