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There are not as booze and lobster in South Australia. In Monteith, nestled amid the Murraylands and fields of livestock yellowish grass is nothing less than a unique craft canning French Australia, Franck Food. In other words, the equivalent of paradise.

“Are you lost? “I had not seen it happen, the farmer on his motocross. I was not lost, I was just waiting for his damn well disciplined cows (not that bronchus) have finished crossing the road. The road now open, I put the engine in the direction of Christian home and Josy Godinot.

Of French in South Africa


In 1992, apartheid was being abolished. The ANCP, where Christian is used, faces a collapse of maintenance. 1500 people are without work. “Either we returned to France, a solution is found. “Josy formed in food, launched the idea: set up a cannery in French, entirely handcrafted . Pies, “that we needed.” Because it can not come from Gers and not love duck.

Until 2000, Christian and Josy then made ??pâtés, foie gras and dishes and worked on a range of unique local world, with blocks of springbok (antelope), ostrich and crocodile in South Africa.

Unfortunately, the climate unstable policy does not allow them to stay in Johannesburg. They then had to start looking for another country to set up their business.

The Australian odyssey expatriates


It is unclear what led the first men to leave Africa walk to Australia there 50,000 years. For Christian and Josy was looking for a more climate peaceful . It is South Australia, which now has the chance to host Franck Food, their family business.

Always faithful to their desire to manufacture products to French incorporating local ingredients, Christian and Josy invent block kangaroo , emu and crocodile dishes in lemon myrtle and kangaroo quandong (fishing desert).

And if Australians are crazy duck with orange homemade , the crocodile is still popular, especially among French tourists. Because, as Frank says, the son of Christian and Josy, “in France it is forbidden to eat meat crocodile because there is no regulation.”

The French craft some problems


However, the creation of Franck Food at Monteith was not easy. The Inspectorate General of South Australia , who had never seen it, shook their screws. While France is proud of his craft, Australian law and countless certificates have to sell food and make difficult the creation of small businesses.

Consequently, Christian can not export its products . He said that France has approximately 400 craft canning. In tightly and without pulling the covers, Australia could accommodate 11.4 times the French territory, but here, Godinot are the only authorities that are annoying: we must invent laws expressly for them.

This is Franck, armed with his multiple skills, which take into account the case. At the turn of the factory, preparation rooms and cooking, it leads me to an empty room. Quietly drop a valve in the background while Frank told me of his great project: “This is where I want to make sausages . “The regulations are even more complicated for dry goods but he is determined to grow the small family business. Christian, he cares. He made ??his blocks, he does well, that’s all that matters.

As for me, I carry around in my bag until Western Australia, tinned pies and kangaroo legs stuffed roasted duck with red sauce and mushrooms wine, a recipe created by Franck.

Because you never know what can happen in the bush .

For your part, order online or visit (call a day or two in advance):
Franck Food, 3000 McCulloch Rd, Monteith, 5254
Tel: 08 8532 6575

Credit pictures: all photographs by Cécile Mazurier.

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