Best hot chocolate in Paris: the 8th arrondissement

MyFrenchLife™ - Paris hot chocolate - AngelinaThe 8th arrondissement of Paris is probably one of the neighborhoods that tourists love the most.

It boasts the Arc de Triomphe, the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, the Grand Palais and, of course, iconic café Angelina – chosen among our top 10 hot chocolates found in the City of Light.

But you know what? The famous tearoom is not the only place in the area that serves a creamy and tasty hot chocolate. Suivez-nous!

La Maison du Chocolat

MyFrenchLife™ - Paris hot chocolate - Maison du Chocolat

When we push open the door of la Maison du Chocolat, we know that we’re in safe hands. Indeed, since 1977 this boutique has housed the most exquisite chocolate in all its forms – to our great pleasure!

Once our thick hot chocolate is ordered, we never can manage to choose between the éclairs, macarons, ganaches and pralines to go with our hot drink. Bonne chance !

La Maison du Chocolat
52 rue François 1er, 75 008 Paris
Métro: Franklin D. Roosevelt
225 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris
Métro: Ternes 

La Petite Rose

MyFrenchLife™ - Paris hot chocolate - La Petite Rose

La Petite Rose is one of those delightful little tearooms in which we would like to spend hours chatting around a hot chocolate and irresistible French pastries.

We adore this place even more during sunny days, when it is possible to sit outside. Plus, the Japanese owner is so sweet. Could we ask for more?

La Petite Rose
11 boulevard de Courcelles, 75008 Paris
Métro: Villiers

Bar of the Hôtel Lancaster

MyFrenchLife™ - Paris hot chocolate - Hotel Lancaster

In this elegant café/bar, the hot chocolate is more than just a simple beverage. It is called a grand cru, just like the greatest wines. Seated in our comfy chairs, we have the choice between not one or two hot chocolates, but five! Either traditional, with passion fruit, spicy or flavored with red fruits, the hot chocolate here takes us on a wonderful journey.

Bar of the Hôtel Lancaster
7 Rue de Berri, 75008 Paris
Métro: George V

Have you tried any of these hot chocolate spots? Or do you have any of your own to add to the list? Let us know in the comment box below!

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Image credits:
1. Angelina Restaurant, by Marcus and Sue, via Flickr. 
2. La Maison du Chocolatby Jocelyn and Cathy, via Flickr.
3. La Petite Rose, by Robyn Lee, via Flickr.
4. Bar of the Hôtel Lancasterby Berengere G., via Yelp.

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