Best hot chocolate spots in the 9th arrondissement

MyFrenchLife™ - Paris hot chocolate - Pipalottes

Walking in the 9th arrondissement can be a little hectic – especially during Christmas or the sales period.

But we never get tired of the splendor of the Opera, the architecture of the Grands Boulevards and having a look at the windows of the Galeries Lafayette.

With the constant bustle in this neighborhood, we sometimes love to sit and relax around a hot chocolate. Something tells us that you’d love to know where, so suivez le guide!

Aux Pipalottes Gourmandes

This restaurant/caterer/delicatessen is a feast for the eyes and mouth. Pastries, pasta, cakes, sweets, and numerous bottles of vinegar and oil seem to almost touch the ceiling. It’s the perfect setting in which to treat yourself to a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Lovely!

Aux Pipalottes Gourmandes
49 rue de Rochechouart, 75 009 Paris
Métro: Poissonnière or Cadet

Angelina Galeries Lafayette

MyFrenchLife™ - Paris hot chocolate - Angelina

This is another alternative to the main Angelina for when we’re not in the 1st arrondissement, or when we’re just too lazy to get our feet to rue de Rivoli. Do we need to mention that they serve a fantastic hot chocolate?

Angelina Galeries Lafayette
48 boulevard Haussmann, 75 009 Paris
First floor of the Lafayette Coupole
Métro: Chaussée d’Antin-La-Fayette, Auber or Havre-Caumartin 

Rose Bakery

Rose Bakery is the ideal mix of healthy food, mouthwatering cakes and friendly British atmosphere. In short, it’s the perfect spot to hang around with friends. We especially like to come when we’re craving something sweet, and pair a moist slice of cake with a warm hot chocolate. Oh, and they also have some delicious gluten-free treats to accompany your drink!

MyFrenchLife™ - Paris hot chocolate - Rose Bakery

Rose Bakery
46 rue des Martyrs, 75 009 Paris
Métro: Anvers, Pigalle, Notre-Dame de Lorette or Saint-Georges


A little Italian wind blows down avenue de Trudaine in Paris. The reason? Le Corso: this Italian chain of bistrots where they serve savory, sunny meals.

However, our hearts melt for their succulent and thick hot chocolate. Miam!

10 avenue de Trudaine, 75 009 Paris
Métro: Anvers

Le Brebant

MyFrenchLife™ - Paris hot chocolate - Le Brebant

What we love about Le Brebant is the mix between the industrial decoration and elements from the traditional brasserie parisienne. But what we enjoy the most is looking down on the terrace, and watching the coming and going of the waiters while dipping our lips into a creamy hot chocolate.

Le Brebant
32 boulevard Poissonnière, 75 009 Paris
Métro: Grands Boulevards

Have you visited any of these cafés in the 9th? Where do you enjoy a hot chocolate? Share your recommendations in the comments below, or on Twitter – @maviefrancaise #parishotchocolate

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Image credits:
1. Aux Pipalottes Gourmandes, by Christine G., via Yelp.
2. Angelina Chocolat Chaud, by Tom Bennett, via Flickr.
3. Rose Bakery, by Visitingeu, via Flickr.
4. Le Brebant, by Membre Qype, via Yelp.

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