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French presidential election 2012 – a primer

The 2012 French presidential election is underway. While there are ten candidates, the winner is most likely to come from two of the three higher profile candidates … Here is a brief overview of the election process, these three candidates and their parties.

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French Film Review: Le Skylab

Delpy gives us discussions around the meal table, veering from frivolous to serious topics; disjointed conversations among the adults; teasing and fighting amongst the children. It never appears to follow a thread – it is just the chaos around a large family group getting together.

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The fastest ball game in the world

While in Biarritz Pierre, our contact there, insisted that we attend a tournament of one of the regional sports, ensuring us that we would not have seen anything like it before. He was right … The sport, in its various forms, is played everywhere in the French Basque country.

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Beginning French

I was glad I had been learning the language when we arrived for our appointment at Château d’Yquem for a guided tour of the vineyard – the tour was given totally in French… I did appreciate being able to understand enough to learn how this magnificent wine is produced.