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906, 2022

You, me, and Napoleon: We all had trouble speaking French – what’s your experience?

By |Jun 9, 2022|Vie Française, French language, Columns, Perspectives|0 Comments

These four articles about learning French will ruffle a few feathers. That’s because my essays are full of subjective statements about how bloody hard French is to learn. This is especially so, I point out, for anyone not lucky enough to be young and locked up in a garret in Paris with a French lover—with the deliberate intention of doing nothing else but learn French.

2812, 2021

Celebrating New Year in France

By |Dec 28, 2021|Expat experience, Vie Française|1 Comment

But I think my most memorable celebration was the first year I went to live in the city of Paris. Being in the 1st arrondissement, just near the Louvre, we thought the best plan was to go to the Pont des Arts, devoid of love locks at the time, and watch the Eiffel Tower shimmer and shake at midnight.

2611, 2021

Poetry at the piscine – Part 3/3

By |Nov 26, 2021|Expat experience, Vie Française|1 Comment

One day... I noticed a small square of graph paper taped to Pool Keeper’s ticket window. The handwritten lines indicated a verse of poetry followed by the words “Identifiez le poète et obtenez une entrée gratuite.” If you guessed correctly, you would receive a free pass for the day.

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