Secrets of a French paradise in Paris

The Luxembourg Palace, or ‘Luco’, as it is affectionately named, is set within its own majestic gardens and has been at the centre of French culture for centuries.

Ranting Frenchologist

Before France was France: what’s left of Lutèce

The Roman city was dubbed Lutetia, which the Gauls, who even then couldn’t be bothered to pronounce the final syllables of most words, immediately shortened to Lutèce. It spread out south from the Seine, covering the area now occupied by landmarks like the Sorbonne, the Jardins de Luxembourg and the restaurant Polidor, whose toilet dates from this period.

Interview: David Downie – author and French pilgrim

David Downie is an American author based in Paris. To be released in April this year, his new book ‘Paris to the Pyrenees: A Skeptical Pilgrim Walks the Way of Saint James’ is both an adventure tale on the century-old pilgrimage road and a more personal introspection into his own journey.

The American girl in Paris tour, part deux

It is the dream of nearly every girl to one day visit Paris, the city of love and Carrie Bradshaw of ‘Sex and the City’ fame was no different. Follow Carrie Bradshaw’s stilettoed footsteps around Paris and experience a different side of the city of love.

François Roland’s Paris favourites

François Roland is a photographer, blogger and author of the book ‘Being French! A Frenchman’s Guide to a More Sensual Life’. A true Frenchman from Paris, his book not just a collection of essays about sensuality but a memoir as well, told from a uniquely French perspective.