cultural differences

7 06, 2021

Bridging the cultural divide: the art of the French Sunday

By |2021-06-09T13:34:25+10:00Jun 7, 2021|2 Comments

No one makes plans, which means everyone has got time on their hands. Time to visit, time to eat. Time to sleep if you want to. Sunday in France is a time for everyone to just 'be', which often means 'being' together. I think that I’m starting to like it.

2 08, 2020

Examining the French school system – outdated or timeless?

By |2023-03-18T17:04:43+11:00Aug 2, 2020|7 Comments

French children rote-learn facts, read difficult philosophical novels and have table manners ingrained from as young as three. By contrast, Australian children spend much of their first school years making papier-mâché crafts, running around the playground and later, study films and pop culture.

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