Internal team: Welcome to My French Life!

Welcome to MyFrenchLife!

We are very happy to have you as part of our team, and we would like to tell you more about us, how we work, and what we expect from you as a team member.

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Do you know the story of how MyFrenchLife was founded? It started as a simple thought, really… Judy had been wondering: are others as fascinated by France as me?

The result is our online magazine and global community of Francophiles, French natives, and expats. With the dream of one day being locals, we’re seeking out the insider tips that will take us from tourists to savvy travellers!

Click here to discover the foundations of MyFrenchLife, and read Judy’s personal story here.

Meet our team

Our main office is in Melbourne, but we have interns all over the world. Click here to meet the team, discover their roles, and learn about their aspirations for the future. Learn also about our former interns, and see where they’re at today!

Although our team is all around the world and working virtually, we make sure we really connect with one other! We like to keep relationships strong. So we encourage you to talk with other team members via Slack (more on this later) and our social media.

We also have a wonderful team of contributors located all around the world, from Melbourne to London, and Paris to New York. Our correspondents are passionate Francophiles and French natives or expats who produce engaging content for a savvy, curious and educated audience.

Our values and expectations

At MyFrenchLife, we’re really proud of the culture we’ve built; it goes beyond a pleasant workplace and a strong team.

We’re all about learning and sharing knowledge, so we ensure that each one of our team members gets the most out of their time with us. We put our heart and soul into teaching important skills and helping interns build meaningful careers that they love.

Our internships are challenging and you will learn more than you can imagine! They are designed for passionate people with a thirst to learn and proactive mindset.

Experience isn’t everything to us – what we’re looking for is a good fit. We love team members who take initiative, are proactive, committed and ambitious, apply themselves, value open communication, and have a positive attitude. It might seem like a lot to ask, but when you meet our team you’ll realise that most of this comes naturally!

We welcome everyone’s opinion, and value your suggestions! We make sure we communicate any feelings, ideas, and thoughts as soon as they arise – no matter how silly, small or unimportant they seem.

Openness and honesty, as well as sharing and learning are at the heart of all we do.

We also ask team members to interact on the website, and on social media. We find it great to have our team interacting to create discussions – but it also adds to the team spirit!

And remember, at MyFrenchLife, interns don’t make coffee: we make the coffee for them. Non, we’re not kidding: we treat our team members like equals.

Last but not least…

If you’re working in our Melbourne office, we ask you to bring your own laptop!

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Judy MacMahon

Experience FRANCE beyond the CLICHÉ with MyFrenchLife is for Curious Savvy Francophiles wherever you are. Meet Francophiles in France, online, and/or wherever you live. You’re very welcome to join us - Judy MacMahon -

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