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Finding your way around when you’re just starting can be confusing! So we thought we’d put together our road (or treasure) map for locating useful files, following our procedures and general know-how.

Scroll down to find all the information you need to label files, emails, or articles in WordPress, as well as to find documents in Dropbox, and more.

1.   Labelling

a. Files

When assigned work, you’ll receive a file named as follows:

– The date when you’re assigned the work.

– YI stands for ‘YOUR INITIALS’

Eg. If your name is Julie Smith, we’ll use ‘JS’.

When you’ve completed the work, send the file back with the following name:

– The date when you completed the work.

b. WordPress

Labelling in WordPress is very similar to the above; only the author’s name is omitted:

When you’ve completed the work, change the label to:
and send an email back with a link to the article.

c. Email subject lines

Be very specific and accurate with email subject lines.

2.   Where to find X in Dropbox

a. Passwords

To find the login details for the different My French Life accounts (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) go to:
Dropbox > Administration > TEAM Master Internet Access [most recent date]
Always select the document with the most recent date.

b. Standard docs

You’ll find all the standard documents, that is to say documents/emails that are ready to be used, in:
Dropbox > Standard Documents

–    Prospective writers:
> 1. For writing team > 1. Ready for use

–    Prospective team members:
> 2. For Editing team

–    Prospective translators:
> 3. For translation team

–    Standard emails for the inbox, and FAQ to answer recurrent questions:
> 4. Standard INBOX responses and FAQ

c. New article submissions

To find new articles, go to:
Dropbox > Content > 0. Submissions > AUTHOR NAME

NB: New submissions are also added to Trello. Check the ‘Editorial Schedule’ board to find them.

d. Writers’ list

To find the list of our writers, go to:
Dropbox > Administration > 1. HR > 1. All Team Members – Resources > Resources – AM – [most recent date]

e. Online checklists and guidelines

Most of our checklists and guidelines are published as hidden documents on the website, under the category ‘My French Life™ Team Member Info’.

For writers team:
–      What to expect as a writer for My French Life™
–      Your guide to My French Life™ and our community
–      How to pitch
–      How to find creative commons images
–      New writer set-up checklist
–      My French Life™ article checklist and style guide
–      Going beyond the cliché: a guide for writers
–      Tips for writers
–      Working together to attract more readers
–      How to add Google Authorship to your My French Life™ writer profile

For editing team:
–      Ultimate guide to team member tools
–      The ultimate guide to online content
–      How to use the SEO plugin in WordPress?
–      Your guide to editing for My French Life™
–      The My French Life™ guide to writing feedback emails
–      Your guide to formatting articles

3.   Commenting on articles every day

We ask each team member to post at least two comments a day on the website.

Interacting with the writers is very important, and can trigger some interesting discussions. Imagine how much you’d love someone to comment on your articles with a question or compliment! Oh and don’t be afraid to start a debate…

4.   Interaction on social media

We also ask team members to interact on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn – like, follow, add us to your own social media networks, and we’ll do the same.

Please refer to our ‘new writer set-up checklist’ for more guidelines on how to set up your accounts and follow ours!

We find it great to have our team interacting on social media to create discussions – but it also adds to the team spirit! This means not only sharing your own articles, but other peoples too. Let’s really get involved and spread the love amongst the MyFrenchLife community.

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I'm a Belgian born and raised, educated in Belgium and in The Netherlands, and Melbourne-based intern at My French Life. My dream job would be combining food, travels, literature, and photography - I'm trying to make that happen!

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