Experience Lyon: the ultimate guide to ‘must see’ neighborhoods

The Ultimate Guide to the Lyon surroundings is a ‘must-read’ in order to really appreciate all the city has to offer. Lyon is the second-largest metro area in France, spanning 6000 square kilometers. The city itself is divided into nine arrondissements. Within this vast city, we can find varied architecture from Roman ruins to striking contemporary buildings. The neighborhoods of Lyon have their own distinct atmospheres. Try exploring quaint vieux Lyon or the buzzing and trendy Confluence.

We’ve reached into our archives to feature four neighborhoods not to be missed in Lyon!

‘Must see’ neighborhoods of Lyon: exploring Croix Rousse

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Lyon is a singular place: I have never needed any persuading to travel to this Unesco World Heritage site.

I love its dramatic position between the Rhône and the Saône, rolling up and down the hills; its impressive Roman forum and exceptional museums. And of course who can forget its gastronomy – not just restaurants but the beautiful Saint-Antoine market with over 100 vendors.

But let me tell you about a part of town that has always eluded me: le Quartier de la Croix-Rousse. It’s named for the russet-colored stone cross that was placed here in the 16th century. A few months ago, I made a point to spend several days in the neighborhood…Read more

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Experience Lyon: the Traboules of Vieux Lyon

Lyon’s long history, including its foundation by the Romans as the capital of the Three Gauls in the 1st century B.C., make it a city extremely rich in architectural heritage. 

It bears exceptional testimony to the continuity of urban settlement over more than two millennia on a site of great commercial and strategic significance, where cultural traditions from many parts of Europe have come together to create a coherent and vigorous community.

Among this vast heritage, I want to talk about a feature I discovered when I arrived here: the TraboulesTraboules are primarily associated with the city of Lyon, but also located in other French and European cities…Read more

Lyon confluence: exciting urban development

Lyon Confluence, on Lyon’s city peninsula in the Rhône-Alpes region of France, is one of the largest and most exciting urban development projects in Europe.

When I lived in Lyon in 2009, the tip of the city peninsula where the Rhône and the Saône rivers meet was a vast building site. I returned to visit last year and stayed in the result: Lyon Confluence, a vibrant centre-city community with great architecture, beautiful landscapes and buzzing waterfront bars and restaurants…Read more

Experience Lyon: Roman Fourvière

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When I arrived in the French city of Lyon, I caught up with a friend who lives on the Fourvière hill. She introduced me to the nearby ancient theatre and Odéon; remaining relics from the Roman period in Lyon’s history.

I wasn’t aware of Lyon’s Roman past, and decided to visit the accompanying museum to expand my knowledge. What I found went well beyond my expectations…Read more

Have you been to these neighborhoods in Lyon?  What was your experience? Share your thoughts in the comments, below.

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